Final Game Game – Alabama tied at half? Anything (except UCF loss) was possible in Week 12


Years from here, your children will tell stories about the day Alabama had tied to the Citadel at half a time.

Good inside the Amazon, there have never been human-speaking tribes, but, they have been sheltered in fear of the end of the world because Alabama allowed 130 yards and two touchdowns to & # 39; runs back from the Citadel.

Theoretical physics spent a lot of Saturdays on a conference call, with the same possible explanation for the events in Tuscaloosa because we all are part of a superintelligent device created by a superintelligent device , and the 10 main points of the Citadel showed glitch prominent in matrix.

Surely it was a 50- in the destination, how good & # 39; Other performance on the scoreboard on the next week's route went over the site. But for a 30 minute, ugly, wonderful, wonderful minute, this was a real game, and all the Alabama Citadel would do.

How do you interpret it? He got up to Sleepwalk on Saturday.

Surely, name her & # 39; Rest of the Cupcake country Saturday, as some of the best teams in the country were embracing nobles. But if not everyone who has an interest in the games, they are not the ones who prefer them.

Nick Saban's word says he was all in the first half of Saturday. Alabama looked more like himself in the second half. AP Photo / Butch Dill

It is said to be the truth, Nick Saban needs to have a half-10-10 score as a dream, as it was inside. His half-time conversation with his team could break Richard Pryor, he may have fired his players like the Nazi at the end of "Raiders of the Ark Lost". Whatever he said, he worked.

The same thing was true in Clemson, where the Tigers were managing the Duke of 14-6 and his / her; look completely out of the lot in the first half. Dabo Swinney is less likely to need to be & # 39; hear, but the Tigers woke up at half-time and were circulated so far too.

Michigan? It's not really great. The Wolverines got their chest, but they never turned from Indiana. This is not the most complete performance; Michigan can be used on a day when Notre Dame was looking better.

Michigan week 13, Ohio State, was even worse. The Buckeyes had two disappointing points attempting Maryland to hopefully keep a playoff, but after the loss of a Purdue battle and a narrow escape against Nebraska and Maryland – all teams below. 500 – it's a chance to be surprised if the Buckeyes are always in the conversation. Their protection is hardworking, and it is hard to show how Ohio State would have a & # 39; haunted Alabama or Clemson in a playoff competition.

In Oklahoma, the same is true. The ages could not catch Kansas, which is as healthy as it is; You could write about playoffs. Rutgers have only allowed Jayhawks this season. If a team is named in the same breath as Rutgers, the driving committee should notify.

In fact, the Scots still got their win, which is bigger than West Virginia is capable of saying. The climbers are managed by 10 to play less than 5 minutes but can not go away from Oklahoma State. It was an amazing ending; for the Dana Holgorsen team, who will be able to kill the 12th of the 12th match against the next week.

All that brings us to the most prestigious Week 12: UCF team.

While the other high teams were in & # 39; sleeping, UCF was completely unhappy, Number 24 Cincinnati, who won his 23rd game just and his; Give a query that has been added again. Why is not UCF?

The critics aim to be protected because UCF has put up some points against Memphis and Temple. But this unit ensures that it is better than the defense of Ohio State or Oklahoma.

The listeners also talk about these close calls, from the first half ugly against Memphis to the second half last year against the Navy. But why does UCF punish for a while sitting when Saturday declared that it can happen to anyone?

And then, in fact, the timetable is there. No, UCF did not play a brutal record, but the Knights have now benefited as well as Memphis (7-4), Teampall (7-4) and Cincinnati (9-2). If they hit USF the next week, this will be four winners over teams that finish 7-5 or better. That's as big as Notre Dame and better than in Michigan (3), Alabama (3), Oklahoma (1) no Ohio State (1).

So, Alabama is sad that Alabama was badly ill. He is sad that Ohio State fell to Maryland. He is sad that Oklahoma State has stopped a big luck.

Crazy things happen, and he would be sure to be funny; see if UCF could create a little more credit in the playoff.



Nebraska is getting a & # 39; First direction of the game when Barret Pickering leaves a 47-yard playground.

Second thoughts on first year coaches

Month back, GoFundMe was to pay Willie Taggart. Scott Frost was the leader of the long-lasting struggle in the history of Nebraska. Kelly's Chip seemed to have been still in a position; coaching 49ers. It was a bad time; for being a prestigious coach at the first year.

Before Saturday, however, these stories have moved well.

Taggart won No. 5's benefit in Florida State with an incredible effort that defeated Boston College. Cornhuskers Frost survived a strong day against Michigan State's strong defense to remove their fourth prize in five games. And Kelly told the USC to compete for the third prize of his season.

It's like every hot September that might have been too quick.

During Week 6, Taggart, Frost and Kelly joined 3-13 (with the three advantages of coming against Samford, Northern Illinois and Louisville, all with FSU). Since then, they are brought together 9-8, which include three winners over the challenges worthy of an arch.

Indeed, anyone who fails 2018 has a seasonal season at Florida State, Nebraska or UCLA, but each team has shown some of the signs, Make more space for hope when the time to turn the page to 2019.

1 related

Enter in a hard season from Herm Edwards at the Arizona State and Dan Mullen in Florida, and a second half of Kevin Sumlin in Arizona, and this class looks dead when he arrives some of its ambitions.

What's that? We did not mention Arkansas? No. We were not.

Cupcake Energy Classes

Was Saturday Cupcake? , the day in which the SEC is going to devolution before competing competitions in the Week 13. So that's the best, these are the best cupcakes.

1Post-Dame Coffe Drake: Good enough for Jerry bribing Newman with them on "Seinfeld." UAB cupcakes.

2South Cup Tastykake cup cup cup cup: It can be a bit dry, but still a strong cupcake. MTSU of this group.

3. Ding Dongs in the inn: Halfway through, you think you're doing it; liked it, but at last, it was not as good. This is the cupcake version of the Citadel.

4. Entenmann's golden cupcakes are shaking: The wonder is a little bit sweet, but the fragments contain enough machine to keep them awesome. UMass Cupcakes.

5. Publix red, yellow and blue cupcakes: You tell yourself that there is a difference between them, but not. It's just a color of its food; there. Kind of like Chattanooga, Liberty and Idaho.

6. Rice Cheats: This cup is not a cup, but we needed a joke for Rice.

Watch Seat Hot

We welcomed Bobby Petrino after games last week, and we look forward to seeing a few other coaches out of the scene. So who gets warm?

Clay Helton, USC
Heat rate: Inferno

The Trojans lost four of the last five years, which included brutal terrorism on UCLA on Saturday. No, this is not the most talented USC team, but Trojans' fans never have the money Helton got to start, and Saturday's ugly failure is offset; a clear offer. At least they played in Pasadena, so no one can be convicted at his & # 39; airport.

Chris Ash, Rutgers
Heat rate: The "popcorn" situation on your microwave

You think it would be hotter, but this is Rutgers, and the Knights of the Souls have kept something close to three of the last four years. But as the popcorn setting, Rutgers could be burned by & # 39; wait.

Larry Fedora, North Carolina
Heat rate: At least Tabasco

Fedora's Tar Heels may be secondly semi-triumphantly; but UNC is at least competitive, the Heels was a business-based business against South Carolina on Saturday and the Fedora purchase should be translated one year to fix issues.

Michael MacIntyre, Colorado
Heat rate: Working well

The hot city was taken to the full page last week, when reports were posted; find out that MacIntyre was out. Taken out, that was just too fast, but with another loss – sixth for the Buffs – on Saturday, the product may not be needed.

Lovie Smith, Illinois
Heat rate: Spoonful of Tabasco

Yes, it was a rebuilt project for Smith; , but the current status of the rebuilding is a 63-0 home loss to Iowa. The worst loss in the history of Illinois is, and so the building may not go well. This is the third time this year Illinois has given 63 – something without a Power 5 program outside Texas Tech has been done in the last ten years.

Heisman Còig

1. Tua Tagovailoa, Alabama: We did not expect Tagovailoa to have his numbers pushed strongly against the Citadel, but he finished going to & # 39; play three full quarters. He also threw for 340 yards and sent four other prophecies to his case.

2. Kyler Murray, Oklahoma: Is it even the oldest team in the team .500 to Murray? His case is going to move to Tagovailoa real, and another Saturday five-touchdown performance when he has defended the opposition is something but only his / her; help the cause.

3. Gardner Minshew, Washington State: Ho-hum, just 311 yards and five touchdowns cast for Minshew. Oh, that was just the first half? Well.

4. Will Grier, West Virginia: He threw for 364 yards and gave three trips, but it was not enough to avoid an amazing loss to Oklahoma State. It seems that it will hopefully hopefully for a prize-winning Grier, but the New York City claim should still be invited.

5. Dwayne Haskins, State of Ohio: Buckeyes's protection is troublesome, but he should not be away from Haskins's best. He threw for 405 yards and spent six elections in the Ohio State premature co-operation.

Go to bowling

If Virginia Tech is going to expand the largest officially recognized bowling struggle in the college's football, the Hokies have to go to the next week's platform in Virginia and found the 12th game to record for the day lost against the ECU – and win the same. The Hokies dropped to Miami on Saturday, which all ended up hoping to continue their mobile phone. make sure the Hurricanes do in a postseason game.

Officially also included a receipt from Week 12: South Carolina, Oklahoma State, Louisiana, BYU and Toledo.



Manny Miles, son of Les Miles, throws her away; Her first college leisure time and Hail Mary is to finish her first half.

Game of inch

The official teams for the Utah State-Colorado State were called the right, but that host can not be welcomed back in Fort Collins at any time.

The Colorado State said they had won their game, and # 39; Utah State No. 23 is disturbed by the impressive Hail Mary to accept Preston Williams. Light up the scanner. The fans and crew were marked. And the banner officer threw.

Turning out, Williams went out – just below – on his way down the side before he took a captive in the # 39; head belt. That is against the rules, so the play was suspended.

Lost a brutal way to do something; named Rams, Mike Bobo, "the first time" that his team played a strong football throughout the season.



Seminoles QB Deondre Francois have a deeper depth of WR Tamorrion Terry that will introduce it to a 74-garden restoration.

A good day in the Miles house

Les Miles says they are in Kansas in the future, if he reports that he is entering a contract to be a coach related to Jayhawks. On Saturday, however, he was in Capel Hill to see his son, Manny Miles, to cast his / her; first visit tour.

Miles, a senior head in North Carolina, had just been casting one job, but when she was in a position, First half played against West Carolina on Saturday, he came to Hail Mary's cast, which was circulated by Jake Bargas.

New work for anything, headship for a son. The grass has never been so flavorful.

Dying for two hundred hundred

After eight-behaviors, performing 17-yard against Michigan State on November 3, tailor Anthony McFarland had 514 yards altogether on the ground. In both games since it began to move an additional 508.

McFarland was stronger against Ohio State, which flows for 298 yards and two touchdowns in the & # 39; lost one-point loss. That performance arrives on the 210-yard outlet of the week against Indiana.

That makes McFarland a & # 39; The first 5 body returned to power for 200 yards in the back-back games since Jonathan Taylor made the season last season. Most surprising, however, this is the first player that will have a & # 39; ran for 200 in a continuous and lost game both from Tevin Coleman from Indiana in 2014.

Move over, Greg Reid

Florida State has not completed a lost record since 1976, but the Seminoles have been trying to make sure the weekend was Saturday. They put five minutes on BC to play at least 2 minutes and 74 yards separated from the head zone. It was similar to the 2009 campaign, when 48-yard piping with Greg Reid returned to live. But this one came with even more drama, as Deondre Francois gave a bomb to Tamorrion Terry, who took the time to fight and went into the belt head with 1:49 left, and kept the streak for at least one other week. At 5-6, FSU needs to be disturbing Florida's competitiveness in the & # 39; Finals to keep the bowl fight going.

Opens over oranges

How Frank Sinatra would sing about New York City, if you can do it there, you can do it anywhere. Well, Syracuse might want to go to the middle of New York then, because, when he was a boy, he was a rough week in the Apple Big. Air basketball team. 15 to Madison Square Garden and received support from UConn and Oregon on back days, and the football team needed the most terrifying field of the season to keep them from Notre Dame at the Yankee Stadium S On the other side, they all got to the place of their favorite pizza pizza – the Sbarro in Times Square.

"Utah, get me two!"

In every season, Oklahoma State has shown Gary Busey's actor on his JumboTron to face his opponent. This week, the Cowboys invited Busey to campus to talk to the team, and respected him when he was in a Saturday game. They may want to return it weekly. Busey should show something, as the Cowboys came back from a 17-point half-time deficit to the Àir climbers. 9 increase. Sure, Will Grier and Taylor Cornelius raised the rest for 300 yards in the game, but Busey can prove that they do not stay up to the story of Johnny Utah.

Pitt is really passionate for her & # 39; Chladaich

How are you right to mark the Coastal Coast ACC Department competition? If you're Pitt, you will do it by throwing a passport to h mph East North Easterly of course. The Paintors won the division of Wake Forest with QB Kenny Pickett to tackle Stefano Millin, which made 12 yards into the final boundary for the score. Now, if Pitt and Clemson are not going to end her & # 39; 300-pounder touchdowns trading in the AC competitions game, that team is not worthy of an award.

Nothing is about Carl

Bowling Green, Mike Jinks, was coached on the 14th of October, with the team to travel in another season, and then fill in Carl Pelini. At that time, the Falcons had only one advantage – against FCS Eastern Kentucky – and it had sunk two SMD teams since the beginning of 2017. But no one needs to capture Pelini's brother for a long time. The Bowling Green won its second MAC game, which supports Akron Saturday, and we're Adopt that Falcons fans move through trouble to & # 39; Looking for healthy treatment Carl Pelini Twitter.

Playing under the banner of the day: Translator to & # 39; throwing a kidney

In the last minute of the first half, West Virginia was Kennedy McKoy broke down near the middle of his field. He had a lot of green grass, but he did not report it the corporation of the referee, who gave an apple to lower McCoy after a 11-yard advantage. There was no banner for a target.

Under the game under the day: the wheels of St John Martin Luther, 84-6

In the first round of the play of Section III, St. John's 42 on Martin Luther – in & # 39; first season! QB Jackson Erdmann raised his six offers – to six different employers. The 78-point edge is the largest in the playoff history of Section III, which broke its a previous mark of 73. The total number was also held by St. John, who hit the 75-2 Component in 1991. (Note: Dino Babers would recommend safety in that 1991 game.)

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