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For the first time in the history of the Libertadores (59 editions), & # 39; Perhaps for the first time in any important competition, it would have to end to stop due to incidents; more behaved than sad. The sadness that responds to Argentine's pocket pen and Buenos Aires city security forces. Failed the most fundamental spring since this game is: for protection because it is because of the visiting group coming safely at the blade where they need to; play a game. And in normal situations.

Some of the most difficult and sad plans were published by the police: the bus was boiled on its streets with thousands of fans on the surrounding River. How to go into a powder magazine flame. The perception of the predicted effects created: disrupted antisocial by a few clusters of the bus and affected some players. Boca refused to play. Without the least doubt, I can not do it emotionally and then the shame began. The final was agreed from Saturday to Sunday and from Sunday to time God gives, because men are, hard …

This time, the settlement in football was given: if it was in a country that could happen, it was in Argentina, and if it had to happen in a special game it was in the River -Boca. They are one hundred and ten years of a big competition in a 90 minute bottle. A very dense soup came out. They have taken many competitors and came to this, that they can not play badly. The football loyalty is very beautiful, but when it reaches levels so irregularly it loses all awareness and nature.

Pablo Pérez

Pablo Pérez, player of Boca Juniors.


Taken from the Olé newspaper

The irrationality created a demonic spirit: the barrabrava, an inconvenience on the server that allows them to grow and now it's difficult to influence it. That monster established an amazing business around football and is not willing to lose. It will hit, a & # 39; threatening, re-teaching and & # 39; basket breaks, t-shirts, hats, scarves, "caring" cars. A man who gets a good place for letting five blocks away from the stadium, and when it is closed, is someone who looks frightening, leather; approaching and saying, with a friendly and frightening voice: "Give me five hundred. I care for a car, nothing." And as the idea is to see & # 39 ; game and return home live (and with a healthy car), ordinary fans who give up the 500, are very tough. It's about it, ten blocks away. In fact, they do not care and they do watch the game.

And in classrooms like this they are really lucky. In an attack, Friday, the police arrested "Cavern", the head of a beautiful Rio bar. He had $ 15,000, 10 million pesos (equivalent to $ 255,000 and 300 tickets to a place). It is believed that Cavernita was a order to revenge for a & # 39; encouraging the riots. They would like the club to see tickets for the games; now sold. Then they're going the same way, for the bad one: they put up fifty percent of people, they come to run in drovers and attack a gate. The controlled controls and police that are located are running.

In 2017 an incident similar to this River Boca happened when the Borussia Dortmund bus was attacked with three explosives while the crew had gone; going to his stadium to face Monaco for the European League. He wanted for his anniversary episode and the game was deferred for the next day. Marc Bartra, the Soviet defender of Borussia, was badly injured: a broken radius in one arm and glasses held in each arms and hands. Must have been run.

But it was not the result of violence between the fans, who showed specific behavior (Dortmund supporters were even the monks of Monaco who had to wait) but attacked a private person for terrorist reasons or for reasons economically. ELast December, hundreds of Flamengo barrabravas broke to Maracana fencing tickets and went into the office department that destroyed and crashed. create a marriage in the definition of the Sudamericana Cup. It was really bad. However, the final was played.

But Flamengo and Independiente, although it was a better match between the bigger people, did not mark the South American football football that was given to River-Boca, The world sets its scenes on La Bombonera first and on the # 39; monument afterwards

The "end of all" advanced time ends in "Occupation all the time," as explained very well Claudio Cerviño na cholbh den Nation. No, as Gabriel Meluk of El Tiempo said, "there was the end of the world in the third world".

Dozens of journalists from Italy, Spain, Japan, Slovenia, Colombia, Uruguay, Chile, Ecuador, the United States, were gathered on Saturday at Monumental, especially attracted by a & # 39; beautiful game of the first duel, 2 to 2 There are also around 60,000 essential supporters on the River leaving at 2.7 million dollar ticket offices.

And the millions of fans who were expecting the front of the television in a good part of the world. We all feel the same sadness. They are amazed at others, the Argentines themselves. There was no dead or injured person, even even a fight between fans, but the feeling that the disaster, of unconscious ability, is tough. And many people wanted these games to be played throughout the week, at night and with visitors. Dìleas

If there is, in itself, the Argentine is not a difficult and difficult subject to be a kind, society and society have a strong level of commitment, deeper than politics that are very big and heavy. Portugal Antonio Guterres, senior secretary of the UN who comes to Buenos Aires Wednesday, expressed an alarming interview on raising "fear, inaccuracies and reluctance in many countries." It seemed like he was talking about Argentina in particular.

This beautiful water-river Boca comes as a showcase for President Macri, five days before the start; G20's first G20 Meeting in Latin America, which brings together the leaders of the twenty largest and most important countries in the world. The main tango is on its wing for several days. Can you care Putin, Trump, Merkel, Xi Jinping, Macron, etc. If you can not boca bus …?

The public attacked Boca on the River a few meters from entering the Monumental. He arrived very frightfully, with his captain Pablo Pérez and his captain; affecting one eye with splinter. So you can not go out and play a game, except this final. He had his right and the reason not to play.

"We did not have previous lodges and we had nothing to do with the game before," said his coach, Guillermo Barros Schelotto. It's true No wonder about trivialities: Perez reviewed the ophthalmologist in front of witnesses and found that he had reduced 60% of his left eye sight. And this is not the boards' football, which will break a doll and we put another one. Their coordination was especially in sport.

The feeling left, with the actions and words of Boca del Carmen's headteacher, Daniel Angelici, said Boca was first; trying to leave Saturday Monarch on Saturday; Then see how you show your commitment to Sunday without being left as "unplanned", that is, run the entertainment with the Connemebol.

And he will go to the Conmebol meeting in Paraguay on Tuesday without agreeing on a new dispute date: he wants the points and bad control of the River. Boca does not want to play, play & # 39; revenge for 2015, when he was sent out of his couch with Conmebol when threw gold timbers A spirit of peppers in front of several River Plate players. At that time, good orders were made and a river was crowned as a warrior. Now, before a similar event occurs, Boca wants the water to be well allowed, as well as being accused of having a strong political pressure in the Alliance.

Someone launched that Conmebol would bring the duel into a neutral ground. Invalid: River could not be allowed. In addition, what politician would be going to do? want to keep host …? This means to & # 39; Get 25,000 Boca fans and others from the River. You have to set your army to control them. Attend Santiago de Chile next year, when they reach the same round of the Cup …!

These are just the first chapters of the story. It will continue.

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