Finally, Apple visits the "expected" service.

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He was told his "Reuters" sources earlier, the company aims to launch a television service in April, which includes a television subscription service.

It is often launched "Apple" Results and services in the weeks after your experience.

In a Monday, the company did not specify "Apple"Axis of the event, and there's only one line saying" It's time to show ".

Occasionally, "Ubhal" was considered so that he could provide a video service for $ 2 billion " tHollywood"To complement their own content, and make obvious contracts with older stars. T Oprah Winfrey.

Sources known as "Reuters" Earlier the service may subscribe to "CBS Corp" And "Viacom" And "Starring" Lions Gate Entertainment And others. added to "Ubhal" source.

The worldwide television service is launched, in ambitious movement for touring services.Netflix"And" Prime Video "Co-ordinator of" ", and the service is likely to be spread across the Source App" Ubhal ", currently available in over 100 countries.

The television sales which came could be brought to the attention of investors, having been named "Ubhal" In January, the first sale went down in the sale of IPhone During the free season He said he would cut telephone prices in some markets depending on foreign exchange rates.

It is made "Apple" also talks with "HP", Part of "Warner Media" Owned "AT & T", to participate in the service, prior to publication , according to a source of information.


Sources told Reuters earlier that the company aimed to launch a television service in April, which includes a television subscription service.

Apple often exports goods and services in the next few weeks.

In a company call Monday, Apple did not highlight the focus of the event, just one line saying "it is time to show."

Apple has long been providing a video service, spending $ 2 billion at Hollywood to create their own programs and brands with big stars like Oprah Winfrey.

For Reuters told stories earlier that the service would resell subscriptions from CBS Corp, Viacom, stars from torchbearers and others, plus t on Apple's original content.

It is expected that the world's first world television service will be launched in an ambitious move to competition with Netflix and Prime Video services. .

The arrival of the television service came to the attention of investors, after Apple first announced in January in an 'iPhone in the holiday season season', and said it would cut telephone prices in some parts. of markets by foreign exchange rates.

Apple also talks to HP, part of Warning Media at AT & T, to take part in the service, if that is possible at the time of going to press, following a source of information.

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