Finally on the score page, Kazakhstan No. 1 with Victoria fans


VICTORIA – The aims are very limited, but if awards were awarded for world fan shows, youth hockey competition, the team that was assured but would benefit from Kazakhstan to spend gold medals.

Despite being & # 39; The defeat of the four round-robin games at Pool B in Victoria vs. Finland, the United States, Slovakia and Sweden, the Kazakhstan team grew rapidly in the British capital in a place where let us stop with "Let's go to Kazakhstan".

The Victoria boy started with Kazakhstan with a 51-year-old Demid Yeremeyev campaign in a 5-0 defeat to Finland on December 27. He got a good position after being elected as a game player and Kazakhstani team remained on the ice to welcome the people who are hitting.

At New Year's Eve, Kazakhstan was 24-1 and 3-0 behind Sweden after its death; first time. Kazakhstan lost the game 4-1 after being discharged from 56-11.

Sweden's coach, Tomas Monten, said he could only do 15 players on the London night due to a sudden flu that had gone through his team.

Kazakhstan Denis Karatayev, a & # 39; The first match of the competition, a heart shape with long hands and was; spoke through an interpreter after lost and said: "We thank you for Victoria."

"Those children play heart and soul," said Bill Bristow of Victoria.

Bristow and his son Eric, both wear blue, gold and white jerseys Kazakhstan, saying he's a value the effort they need from the players despite their hardships.

"It's a group of teenage children and they play the best of the best young players in the world," said Bristow. "All the teams there are only national hockey leagues, they have NHL opportunities and some NHL players are true and those people are out there. ; giving them every night. "

Hockey Dean McIntosh, Canada, said that Kazakhstan seemed to have a youth junior youth after the second year in one of hockey countries has been a marketing bonanza for his & her; competition. The Kazakhstan products have been running shelves and team jerseys are selling.

"It's a great thing about Canada that we love the snow and Kazakhstan to return to the event after being away for a number of years and coming from distribution ground, it is definitely an opportunity for the fans to hold on the said.

Tom Grainger, who is hosting the Save-On-Food Memorial Center in Victoria, said the song is the official aim of the Kazakhstan team of the classic Diamond Diamondine at Neil Diamond. He said he chose the song after consulting with Kazakhstan team officials.

"When we saw at the beginning of their first game how well the fans wanted to identify and express on Kazakhstan, we needed to make Sweet Caroline, "said Grainger. "It's been a good game."

United States coach Mike Hastings said he can not help but notify his loved one; by Victoria fans for the Kazakhstan team, but he said that his players have also been taken into account.

"It's like when you talk about a sports spectrum, basketball, basketball, football and I do not say something negative about the other, I just say that I am proud of being part of the hockey, "he said. "The Canadians, the people here, watch the games, pay respect to their game and where they came from."

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