Finally the beta of iOS 12.3 and MacOS 10.14 come out


Because the wind comes to Apple with two new beta versions of their operating systems. Yesterday, he released the beta to developers iOS 12.3, but today this version comes out to a public beta with MacOS 10.14. And it is true that they are still not the final versions, so you might find several undo times or loads. At the end of the day, it's not the final version, so if you're looking for an error you are not sure you will get in touch with them.

What's New in iOS 12.3?

Apple had originally been meeting their fans several days ago when they brought their new materials. That showed Cupertino all the software and digital goods that they had saved because of this, amongst others, was Apple News + or Apple TV +. In fact, one of the new things we find is in iOS 12.3 the entrance is to the TV app, which is linked to other VOD services for your building.

On the other hand, there is also a union Money for Apple Pay. With this task our virtual boss will be to do small activities with other users, although it will be in a different situation as we might have looked at our colleagues from the Bitten Apple.

ios 12.3

Bug correction on Mac and TvOS

Updates for iOS aren't big. But, in the case son It is different. No change is being made, although it will usually give a bug response to the usual new locations. T In this way the operating system will operate more fluid and less prone to cyber-attacks.

We also won't forget another operating system that received the new version: TOS. Just like a Son, only a bug fixes will appear. It will depend on time before the Apple TV + app starts to burn with features similar to the one above with iOS but relating to your TV link.

As we said at the beginning, we know that it can be a problem, although updating to beta of one of these three systems is free, there is a risk that you will not be able to access specific tasks as a result of this they have errors. Remember betas are test grades, and so we recommend waiting for the final version as the system will work well.

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