Finally, The Open Source Account


Microsoft has set out a code for the Calculator application. This is the latest shift in Microsoft's efforts to capture the Open Source community. Previous attempts made open access to an old version of DOS, and welcomed Linux into Windows, which is a little easier to use than spinning up VM or pushing over your Linux folder. . Aye, Microsoft bought Github. Can't forget that.

The code distribution for the Calculator Calculator means that you also can verify that all your numbers are correct. In order to build the Calculator application you will need a Windows 10 computer and Visual Studio. You might think this is the only code that was rowing for 30 years – it's a simple calculator, right? Not so: there was a strange and strange bug in Windows for Windows 8 where there was no square root 4, less than two, equal to zero. The place is hard, children.

There is a particular interest in the community, and it is now possible to delete telemetry that has been deleted from the Calculator application to Microsoft servers. Yes, the numeracy application knows that you forgot, as you divided, and Destroying six men nine times, you had to help with that? Fortunately, telemetry can be disabled by the developers' construction by disqualifying SEND_TELEMETRY tog a flag. Now Microsoft doesn't know that you are not doing so well.

At the time of writing, we could not be afraid to contact Microsoft to find out when the ball matches or free Captain will be updated and Open Sourced.

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