Finance Deputy Minister wedding with beautiful singer Dinh Hien Anh


Sunday, 11/18/2018 12:20 PM (GMT + 7)

The singer Dynh Hien Anh, who is younger than her husband, is under the age of 17 years of Deputy Huynh Quang Hai.

A singer of Dinh Hien Anh was holding a wedding service at Vinh. Share it
pictures, wedding clips to the person through the personal page. Man of
He is the Deputy Finance Minister Huynh Quang Hai.

A beautiful married singer to the former Finance Minister in Vinh - 1

Dinh female singer
He married Deputy Finance Minister Huynh Quang Hai

Dinh Hien Anh has no media producers for further publishing
Much about the singer's wedding but confirmed his information
On the personal page the truth is.

Singer born in 1978, Nghe The native, continuing music
love. She has a sweet voice, who loves fans
It always seems to be a warm voice. She spoke of the musical project
Trade last August.

At the same time, it's Huynh Quang Hai's man at Dinh Hien Anh
who was born in 1961 in Quang Ngai, Deputy Finance Minister
from 2015.

After the wedding ceremony in Vinh, the singer's wedding will be held in Ha
Cabinet on 8 December. On his personal page, Dinh Hien Anh wrote the words
Thank you and share your wedding:

Beautiful singer of Finance Deputy Minister in Vinh - 2 married

Wedding photos
The singer who was split on the personal page, greetings
of relatives, fans.

"First of all, I would like to thank our parents, because our parents are always there
Those who enjoyed us helped us to be together. cold
Thank you for trying to help us make our decisions, worrying
Give us the simplest work to the big day
life, so we can stand here, be married, so
a woman should be a husband. I do not know what I say but from the bottom
my heart.

On the side of friends, close brothers and sisters, I also want
Thank you everyone. There are people in Vinh, people are rulerless
Far away to be present. In fact, the Hien Anh family is really real
Fortunately, friends are enthusiastic and constantly joining
two. Thanks to each other, Hien Anh and Hai have relatives
As brothers and sisters in the family, and you're amazing.

A beautiful singer of Finance Deputy Minister in Vinh - 3 married

The singer you put
Thank you to the guests at their wedding at home

It is very happy to get the best and most
Bring the virtual gift to her Hien couple
English. But most importantly, your presence in the fun day
I am the best gift.

Your presence, your smile, your words, your pages
Make a special day of today a lot more memorable. Bean
Hien Anh was very much aware that the memories were a n; knitting in
today. Everything at their wedding will be more effective when there is
serving everyone. Thank you very much!

Finally, although I'm sorry, but I want to thank you,
who was with me all the memorable time, being at the side, holding hands,
and the tears dried on the last mulberry trip.
From today, we will keep hands with a person's life with his mind
safe, peaceful …

Every day, 8/12 in Hanoi for a special day

a wedding in the town of the female singer Dinh Hien Anh

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and former Finance Minister Huynh Quang Hai:

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