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Attractive reservoirs in the afternoon session are very spectacular, when the index continues to continue, although it is very difficult when the cash flow is not enough enough to describe VN-Index to help the information. before entering the level of ATC game order.

At the ATC, the power grew stronger, and thus dragging up the index when it closed.

Vingroup stock solution with VRE than + 3.1% to VND 31,600; VHM + 1.1% to VND75,800, VIC + 0.1% to VND97,300.

The contribution of VNM and VCB was a great incentive for its audio record. VNM + 2.3% to VND 119,200 and VCB + 3% to VND55,400.

There were mixed banking stocks, but VCB rose well and TPB + 2.7% to 26,900 dong, and the rest had only changed. IDB + 1%; TCB + 0.4%; CTG + 0.4%; MBB + 1.2%, STB + 0.4% … length was HDB -0.7% with VPB, and EIB at a cost price.

Guide to & # 39; shift down GAS -2.3% decreased to VND93,900; NVL -2.3% to 67,600, the same color in the SBA -0.6%; MSN -0.7%; VJC -0.7% …

Other blue teams were getting better and CTD + 1.7% to VND153.500; REE + 4.7% to VND32,600; BMP + 2.5% to VND56,500; SSI + 1.8% to VND29,450 …

In medium and small medium resources, ITA was total, + 3.3% to VND2,840, and matched HOSE leadership with over 6.13 million sections. The JVC and TNT spoke on the roof.

On the other hand, despite its & # 39; minute down, FLC -1.5% remained down to VND5,300, matching more than 5.19 million sections. In addition to QCG, the floor fell by -6.9% to VND6,060.

Air HOSE, 2.89 million units sold a total value of VND 180.6 billion.

Air HNXIt was bare salesmen in foreign countries with 2.48 million shares that were traded for VND43.37 billion.

On UPCoMIt was bare salesmen in foreign countries with 58,792 departments. However, the total value of total VND1 billion was total.

Completing a 21/11 trade sessionThe VN-Index received 3.54 points (+ 0.39%) to 922.56 points; HNX-Index released 0.01 points (-0.01%), down 103.9 points; 52.66 points were adjusted by Index Index Index.

Stock of the world

US Stocks

Wall Street lost for the second direct day of Tuesday, as energy stocks were dropped off when it fell to oil and stock sales fell after Targaid and Kohl. Produces the negative business results of the prehistoric.

In the FAANG group, despite the problem in some countries, but Facebook sections are still closed by 0.67% blue, alphabetical (Google) increases slightly by 0.56%, and other stocks continue to spread. In particular, Apple fell 4.8%, Amazon fell 1.11%, Netflix fell 1.34%.

Target shares fell by 10.5% after the expected quarter-quarters income, Kolh 9.2% collapsed with a full-year profit expected to fall.

Downgrade has been running Dow Jones and S & P 500 and # 39; falling this year, with Dow Jones about 1% and the S & P 500 also lost 1.1% since last year's last year.

Session on the end of 20/11, Dow Jones's business average 551.80 points (-2.21%) fell to 24,465.64 points. The S & P 500 was 48.84 points (-1.82%), down to 2,641.89 points. Nasdaq Margin Index decreased 119.65 points (-1.70%) to 6,908.82.

Asian Markets

Tarantasan Japan Due to the adverse effects of the sales of Wall Street last night.

Closed Nikkei fell 255 0.35% to 21,507.54 points. Topix released 0.6 per cent to 1,615.89.

Hikaru Sato, a technical analysis of Daiwa Securities, said: "The main drag on sales market in the US market and concerns about estimating estimates in Japanese companies' income. to reduce global growth ".

Resource resources, steel and mines were reduced by Marubeni Corp down 2.7%, down Mitsubishi Corp 2.3%, Nippon Steel and Sumitomo Metal decreased by 1.4%, JFE Holdings dropped 1.3% and Inpex dropped by 3.3%.

Nissan Motor Co. led 0.4% as analysts did not have an impact on their & # 39; immediate Nissan profit after the president was arrested.

The regional assets agent Takashimaya Co has dropped by 16% and the person who lost the largest on the floor after he has spent a unacceptable bond.

Tarantasan China Increasing slightly higher stock of real estates and medical stocks were taken strongly after a recent recent fall.

Shanghai Composite closed 0.2 per cent at 2,651.51. The CSI300 blue-skip menu received 0.3 per cent to 3,226.49.

Growing financial divisions grew by 0.21%, consumer share grew 1.18%, 1.45% landowner built and 1.57% health.

The revitalization of estate stocks is removed from the pressure to strengthen inspirational steps to maintain their / minute in which the area of ​​buildings is expected to be & # 39; Most benefit when banks could lower interest rates. Loans.

Beijing Bashi Media Co Ltd's best game stocks, up 10.14%; Shanghai Qiangsheng Holding Co. Ltd. 10.11% and Sichuan Western Hold Hold Co. Ltd 10.06%.

The deepest fall of Jiangsu Holly Corp. lost 9.97%; Beijing High-Tech Park Ltd. Airport decreased by 7.86%, down 9.40% and Minfeng Paper Co Ltd.

Tarantasan Hong Kong There is also a slight increase in the strong revival of technology stocks, despite the sale of Wall Street last night.

At the end, Index Index Hang Seng rose 0.5% to 25,971.47. The Hang Seng China Business Agenda raised 0.2% to 10,486.07.

The PICC property manager said the market continued on the mainland market, when they went to the market. Buying a strong hold at the end of the session, in particular tech stocks have declined dramatically.

A share of the energy sector fell 1.6%, the IT rose 2.47%, the revenue rose 0.48% and the shareholder rose 0.5%.

The biggest benefits today are Country Garden Holdings Co. Ltd., which rises to 4.88%, and b & # 39; CNOOC Ltd., the largest one lost the 2.45%.

Anhui H is the best increase in ZhongAn Online P & C Insurance Co. Ltd., up 4.95%; Great Motor Motor Co. Ltd. 4.21% and China Galaxy Securities Co. Ltd., up 3.13%.

The world's biggest callback of World Co Ltd, down 2.73%, CNOOC Ltd., down 2.4% and PetroChina Co Ltd decreased by 2%.

21/11 session end: The Nikkei 225 Japanese Standard Rate allowed 75.58 points (-0.35%) to 21,507.54 points. Shanghai Comparative Index rises to 5.65 points, or 0.21%, to 2,651.51. Index at Hang Seng in Hong Kong raised 131.13 points (+ 0.51%), to 25,971.47 points.

Gold and foreign money markets

– SJC gold still stood. USD exchange rate around 23,390 VND / USD

In the domestic gold market, after opening in the morning down 30,000 VND / volume compared to yesterday's afternoon. At the end of this afternoon, SJC gold stood at Hanoi at 36.43 – 36.61 million per measure, unchanged compared to the early morning.

At the same time, the main level today was announced at 22,731 dollars / US dollars, up to 5 dong compared to yesterday. USD exchange rate at commercial banks was usually 23,300 – 23,390 VND / USD trade.

Other special information

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