Financial staff include a discussion of costs


Staff questioned the cost of hiring Alec Baldwin for advertising.


Staff questioned the cost of hiring Alec Baldwin for advertising.

Cuttings of actor Alec Baldwin were dropped into Auckland streets on Tuesday as employees of Faclair Finance staff who objected to an employer's pay offer.

The provider of the Visa Game is Latitude, with advertisements for Baldwin in the foreground, with the tag line "you can do better".

60 staff from a telephone center made claims in streets about breaking down in pay discussions and highlighted what they said. Craig star pay – $ 1 million for five hours recording the ad.

Baldwin is also known for his facilitation of Donald Trump.

The First Union said that they felt that walk center staff did not get a 3% pay rise.

Union sales director Kate Davis said that, when the staff were leaving the call center, the company's representatives wanted to bring their chain out. T

Read one of the campaigners' signs: "If Alec Baldwin received $ 1 million for five hours work, you can give you more."

She said staff had particular skills to support users who were not identified by their employer.

"These workers are struggling to get on at this stage as the cost of living in Auckland is rising, and this does not reflect the wages for hard work."

Information was sent to Latitude.

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