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Technology has made more people open to sending up their & # 39; their privacy. Geolocation, connection tools and sex management are just some of the data that users who submit to the internet as an alternative have access to information services.

This data is used to get a taste and sell it through an analysis information algorithm. For example, if a person looks for shoes on the internet and beyond another page the same shoes are the same; reflecting on promotion, it means that they used the data so that they could, through browsers and administrators, identify the flavors from the checks.

On the other hand, users can search for the searches made by humans. They can collect from the points where they connect, to their search practices. With this information, offenders can carry out one of the usual locations identified, as well as, to use this information for a & # 39; hitting, throwing cards and bank accounts.

In this regard, Axel Díaz, a familiar lawyer in Adalid's computer security, proves that not all computers are safe, and these are a source of information for both men and men what's data trading. And your browser can keep all the information on who is using it. Of course, it does not matter if you use the private browsing option, because it is replacing it instead.

Google Chrome, Safari, Mozilla Firefox and Opera are not the only browsers, others are less well-known that stand out for the security because they do not. save browsing history, geolocation and data. There are also bids that allow you to stop all advertising content, in a way that the internet or your offenders can not keep track of your information.

On the other hand, the VPN is an Internet Private Network, which allows secure expansion of the local area network over a public or non-governmental network such as the internet. That is, all the information that can be done in the address passes through a tunnel, which enables the offender to search for the person's data, use. Then, a person can travel from their home and appear as if they were searching from another country.

To get to VPN no technology needs, in fact, just look for the internet device and buy the subscription. Díaz recommends that people Using PIA and TunnelBear, devices that cost around $ 5 a month and a? promises full privacy in the network.

Also, there are opponents, a type of programs that are installed in the browser and its # 39; lock automatically and the searches made by users, so this technology will prevent the advertising that will be done; usually appear as long as it is a & n; hitting the internet Among the most used is the focus of Gostery, CLIQZ Brosser and Firefox.

Although the devices through which you can reach uncertainly to a certain extent, it should be noted that users are the only ones who can reduce the risk. For example, if their computers have an antivirus updated, they will close to & # 39; gap for accessing their information.

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