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Find a great funeral course to go on a funeral burial runners farm house. Initially, researchers did not find any signs of war. Head of a casualty, a raffle accident His body was recognized as a death. How to show relatives Sickness, diabetes, stress and cirrhosis of illness. And be aware of the cause of his death.

In midnight at 21.00 on 25 November. Lt.Chaiyas Voravong, hundreds of towns, Kalasin It was reported that there was no reason inside a cottage in the middle of the area at Ban-Tambon Ban Mai, Muang District, Kalasin, after receiving the notice , was given to the supervisor and went to investigate it. Police Officer in Kalasin District Police Rescue the turtle. And doctors at Kalasin hospital.

The view in the house on the west side of the house. The name is Mr Phangphol Wattanawat, 47, who lives at Àir. 35 Moo 1, Ban Khamin, Tambon Khamin, Amphur Muang, Kalasin, Thailand. Scottish shorts From the surrounding area, there are no signs of fighting. And from the body inspection. First, we found broken wounds on the left. Thrombosis is like breaking. His body has a great deal of eye.

Asked by Mrs. Sompong Panavat, 46, his wife died, he was a farmer. And driving the truck with a paddy. After returning from the grain, a ten-wheel truck will be parked in the area. And sleep every night. On the occasion day, at 19.30, he had eaten his man. I got her partner lying down on her; cottage. And flow the blood to his head. So neighbors help. I do not believe that the man died. Tell the staff to check them out. The person was diagnosed with diabetes, stress and cirrhosis.

The police said. Hundreds of Vassarage Muang Kalasin Chaiyawat Worawong did not find the search on the fight. And from the place with the investigation. Enter with relatives and neighbors. There is no connection in the murder. Because he had no relationship with anyone and no previous conflicts. It is expected that the cause of his / her death will be; from renewable diseases. Due to the death of diabetes, there is diabetes, stress and cirrhosis. This may result in leakage, tension, tension, headache and death. Its soft neck. The doctor believes that a bankruptcy broke like a broken finger. It is a supernatural death. Relatives are not interested in the cause of their death. Then the officer has a corpse to prove the cause of his death. Before sending his body back to charitable relatives after her; of faith.


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