Find a young man who died on a walking route – Bulgaria


A young man and father of a 11-year-old girl were killed on a walk to walkers. The sad event that took place in Sofia, near South Park, on November 18. Zlatko Parvanov's 42-year-old does not come home after he went out to take his dog for a visit.

His wife, Desislava, tells the story in the show "Hello, Bulgaria" by NOVA. He also monitors the site of the pedestrian route where Zlatko lost his life.

"At 18:40, crossing the dog on his way home, he put a bad hit and died in the placeSouth Westerly

The procurator's office will handle the & # 39; case. There are pre-trial issues. Today at 6:30 pm on the walking route we will collect its friends, neighbors and all its citizens.

We want to honor him, not just his memory, but also to have a & # 39; shows that it is a good time for a permanent civilian control to be directed against what is happening. Continue every day in the streets as well as control the centers that deal with the infrastructure road and traffic safety.

We need to be aware, inconsistent and everyday to see what anomalies are on their way. Take care of this walk. Yesterday was a poor old woman and an old lady in the same place, "explained Dessislava.

The woman asked why the street is allowed to park cars to stop the transparency of drivers. She said

Unsuitable clarity from light water that confirms the differenceSouth Westerly

Interior Ministry reported that the driver's driver had a safe test, he did not move quickly and tried to stop.

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