Find Google with 13 Malware apps hidden in the Play Store, with over 500,000 downloadable downloads.


Download a regular application Android In addition to it Google Play Store The risk is always without a virus or malware attack. Finally, but not only has a hidden malware app on PlayStation with 13 apps (from the same manufacturer) and over 500,000 downloadable downloads.

Google Apps will usually be reviewed with apps on their Play Store. The app has nothing to do with it. But add your own folder or files. People who downloaded these apps down and click on their ability to & # 39; first time. The message will appear to download the APK file to the file and when the file is installed, when it is closed, it will close itself. Then the image is hidden so you can not activate it again, but Malware was installed on its computer and its # 39; secretly run in the background. (See examples in video action.)

And if not. The 13 apps from the same creator, Luiz O Pinto. These apps have already been downloaded. 560,000 Some applications are very hot. He was captured in the department. Trending Thank you! (Now Google has removed those apps.)

Download down the 13 apps and then go to Anti-Virus applications to try to scan or safeguard an unused application to get away. And after this, you need to look after yourself by checking all your apps that it is from a reliable development team? And you have + your scores How are you? This is safe from viruses and Malware.

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