find houses across Sweden


LJUBLJANA – National Research Office (NPU) inspectors began to work in the administrative area of ​​the Maribor, Kranj and Ljubljana police officers with criminal police officers from many police officers, The police.

House inquiries on the basis of adjudication orders in private and business buildings are carried out on 26 addresses, and two behaviors can take electronic devices. They look for evidence in relation to a number of offenses in terms of give and receive gifts.

The pre-trial method is held against 13 people suspected, and holding 12 people. The pre-trial method is led by the Sovereign Public Office of the State Treasurer.

There are 53 NPU inspectors serving and 57 criminal police officers from Maribor, Celje, Murska Sobota, Kranj, Koper and Novo mesto.

The research was reinforced by Power. As reported informal Afternoon, to investigate & # 39; upgrade funding; roof at the main bus station in Mlinska ulica, which Klemaks has a & # 39; and it is expected that he will borrow the bank and the Lonan savings bank.

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