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Who posted Facebook to kill Yu Yu? The police survey has been watching. (middle time painting)
The "Netassen of Korea Korea" netizen PO, a flag based on the Facebook personal stamp as a "Maharaja lela singapura" flag, is regarded as Chinese in Malaysia and Singapore. (Figure / Missing from party Facebook)

The 9-a-1 election will be held on Saturday (24th). Since the 20th of this month, the Criminal Bureau has found 86 cases of documentary statement related to the election. There are still 45 beautiful stories still under review, including Netizens that is not a small storm on "support Yu Yu" on Facebook. It is reported that the police have discovered that the article IP is in the southeast of Asia and Chinese is considered to be in Singapore or Malala and are still continuing.

According to "Sanli", the police watched the user's Internet IP and found that "Liang Tang Wong" was published online in the countries of South East Asia. The police still explore their true truth. However, from his personal Facebook photo, the browser "Maharaja flag reads singapura". Since the map was written in the Malay language "Battleship Singapore", it is written. It is believed to be Chinese in Malaysia or Singapore. The police are still going on with the investigation. I hope to find out the truth as quickly as possible as possible. settled down before the election.

Starting from the 8th of this month, "Liang Tang Wong" has been in & # 39; post messages on political groups such as "Fan Fan Page" and "DPP Fans Page", and even on the "DPP Fans" page. Brath "Democratic comedies, we will attack Korean Yu", causing Korean and relatives and relatives "Han Fan" worry about their safety, and also let the police take care of him, and his & # 39; fully survey the source of the report.

For the facts about online depression damage, KMT's senior candidate Kaohsiung, South Korea Yu said that this should be a single and wild account, and I believe that the DPP actions do not not.

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