Find! Kim Kardashian talks about her famous species fault


The first time Kim Kardashian heard the world of more than Paris Hilton's friend and assistant back in 2003, when an interesting video was recorded by her lover Ray J .. much about the film There and his scratch, which many belong to moving one thing with Kris Jenner – matriarch a & # 39; A central leader who is the leader of the star – to take it from the shadow of the rich girlfriend, but now his own senior person has taken his own knowledge of how the idea of to register up.

In a short time, he was one of the horrible decisions he made during his life after he had given special drugs, that he did not hit it again after learning the lesson.

"I married ecstasy. First time: I was frightened and started marrying. I just gave it once again, and I made a genuine video. It's like I would have something terrible that happened to me when I gave it, "the identity revealed in the latest family program – the best place for them to give such ideas – when he spoke to his brother-in-law Scott Disick and his little sister. Kendall Jenner about her wildlife and her first marriage and producer Damon Thomas.

"Everyone knows it," he said after being aware of the incredible face of both. "A tricky did not stop going to bend through the entire recording."

The rehearsal of both Kendall and Scott would be described in part for each time someone attempts to comment on his / her; That video is famous for trying to resist Kim Kardashian or not; criticize their original status of the famous & famous kind for the very same thing; Well-known, she usually defends herself by arguing that no mistake should be defined forever and that she is now an excellent example for new generations, as a self-employed entrepreneur and family woman who does not drug use. it's hard to think about – and not just drinking.

That does not mean, however, he does not know how to put her hair off at any time if the event deserves it, as he explained in an individual interview through the one chapter of & # 39 ; Keep up with the Kardashians: "It's the truth Kendall has no idea, but the truth is that I've been really realistic in the last few years. I'm not now, but I'm not sure I know how I'll be fun and I am always the party's soul. "

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