Find New Studies that the trust can help handle treatment


We often hear about the best practices and live for a long life, but many other things are also dependent on longevity. Single and alone, for example, can increase the risk of depression and even die early, but new research is published in the magazine PNAS It may have been found the key to solve this problem.

The Carnegie Mellon research found that people who had a mentally-trained mental-based trainer said they were not so lonely and more sophisticated.

Through a two-week mental training on their smart phones, partners focused on one of the three subjects: awareness, handling, or awareness. Out of the three groups, those who make mental habits have a " getting better quality of life, but the other two groups did not see any change.

The organization did not just feel feeling better; In general, they had two other social interactions each day after training and reduced their loneliness by 22%. This is important because social bonding is a fundamental human need, and when possible, you may have a detrimental effect on health (some describe the level of mortality of loneliness be more than 15 minutes a day smoking).

The main search of researchers is to emphasize how regular practices can benefit. But what's just in mind? It may be as little as to express your mind during the day or to # 39; follow regimental thinking techniques. Every form and size can come to mind, but it should be noted and accepted.

If you feel that you are more remote or uninhabited in recent times, starting to give you the awareness of the help you need in the short term and to get it; Improving health down the road.

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