Find out about something that removes bacteria


The solution may be the solution for the purpose of destroying the totally colorful yellow colors that sometimes occur; appear on the teeth.

An yellow teeth They are all enemies, that is why many recipes are seeking them to achieve and always be clear. Some people come into dental dentistry, mouthwash, sodium chloride and others.

A group of scientists from University of Coimbra In Portugal, he found a molecule that was in a position; prevent molecium from staying in the teeth.

His head was injured, he went to the garden and found teeth in his brain

This result may be granted no rinses beul, called "biolocker". "The blade has been swept away and the organic molecle does not have to tie themselves to the teeth," said Sergio Matos, the clinical director of the research.

According to the expert, the oral solutions we use, in fact, "a & # 39;bactericides who are killed independently, both good and bad. "

This is new molecule Enter to run, it can work as a non-preserved cottage that is; gives 24 hour protection.

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