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The names of America, Canada, England, France, Australia, Japan and Korea can not be known. It is a "promising land" to promote its abilities in advertising, design, architecture, media, television, publishing and music industries.


RMIT Communications and Design Department interesting initiatives.

To access the opportunity of students in the outside world, RMIT representatives said that the university is always important in terms of the opportunities for international knowledge.

On November 25th, parents and students will have the opportunity to learn more about all aspects of the creative arts, curriculum, as well as future career opportunities at the "Career in Creative" ".


Kinh Dao Dao, Phleek Founder, funded by Shark Tank by 3 billion.

The program is on the involvement of Ms. Dang Kim Thien Huong, Uniqlo Viet Nam Production Production Manager; Zhou Chan, founder of The Secret A, "TVC" Green Engine "father (film advertising); Kinh Dao Dao, Shark Tank, 3-billion funded Phleek Founder. They are all alumni of RMIT.

In addition, the event is also an opportunity for students to participate in innovative learning classes, find out more about scholarships and tuition fees, exchange overseas exchange programs (without tuition fees) . change).

The experience will show around 200 separate work with students in Digital Media, Creative Design, Fashion Management and Business, Professional Media, Film and Video.


The experience will show around 200 unique work with students in the creative industries.

Professor Rick Bennett, Director of the RMIT Department of Communications and Business Affairs, said: "The 2018 creation of the innovative RMIT creatures, known as Nexus, has demonstrated their belief and enthusiasm. # 39; related to the related concept, what links between businesses, cities, nations and people, and which links creative and creative industries with special ways of working. "


Knowledge in creative learning at RMIT

Time: 8am – 12m, Sunday, November 25

Location: RMIT Habitat-deas Saigon, 702 Nguyen Van Linh, District 7, HCMC

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