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Finding out there's a terrible loss


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Some of the users of the Galaxy S10 that the scanner has problems recognizing that in their devices may be handled.

Users indicated that the front scanner in these telephones does not separate the user's face with his image from another phone, and that it can be avoided by sketching the user in front of it. front camera to bring the phone out.

Renowned blogger Jin Wong said she had been "accidentally locking her brother's lock by showing her face in front of the phone screen."

Alternatively, the belief is that the Galaxy S10 is the safest, the "Samsung" safe devices, as well as face recognition technology, dependent on the fingerprint scanner integrated into the screen depending on the ultimate voice to find the fingerprint.

The front cover for this device is also included in the phone's best front cameras this year, and its screen was one of the most popular screens today.

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