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Experts who find supernovae, a & # 39; find something, making it more surprising than the Tabby Star.

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Star experts have found a strange look star, similar to the Tabby star, and it has been assumed that the mega structure was similar to the Dyson range.

The idea of ​​the middle situation, originally proposed in 2015, was erased by the data, indicating that the crannogs are dusty dust; The light cover of the stars causes a sore throat. New, similar, behavioral behavior is also related to emigrants. However, the reelologist Roberto Saito of Federal Federal University of Santa Catarina in Florianópolis, Brazil, argues that he is very unusual. Along with colleagues, write the article scientist about it published in the database of preprints on

"We do not know what kind of thing is, Saito says. And it's fun."

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Colorful area design on the skyline from the VVV-WIT-07 / © R. K. Saito et al

Around the star can occasionally snatch some occasional drunkenness; bringing the light down, but Saito colleagues say that more ideas for this need to be decided. Researchers sought supernova – star, flare clear during the explosion. They drew attention to the object in the VISTA telescope in the Atacama wilderness (North Chilean). They were part of a larger study of the galactic center, known as VISTA Variables in the Via Lactea, or VVV.

Instead of film, the star did not fit. The team has named the name VVV-WIT-07 (WIT is a series for "What is this?", In English – "What's it?").

From 2010 to 2018, clarity of the stars was then increased, and then decreased, without any pattern. This is in memory of the Tabby star, only VVV-WIT-07 light was reduced to 80%, but only Tabby fell by 20%.

A team of rhetoricians are expected to continue to monitor the star with larger telephones as a 8.1 meter telescope, or a ALMA, based in Chile.


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