Find out how many active users are in the most popular social networks


When Facebook first published its first public offer in 2012, she moved to her. company to mobile phones, the biggest challenge in Mark Zuckerberg's position as Chief of a $ 1 billion company. Facebook has not won many of the profits through mobile ads Now, some of the world's most popular applications are also. Earlier this year, Instagram published that it had just reached 1 billion active users per month, making it the fourth platform in the Facebook forum to achieve this performance.

Due to Facebook competitors, this helps to & # 39; understand how difficult it is to get to this level of adoption. Although Twitter, Snapchat and Pinterest are & # 39; striving to reach 500 million users, it's hard to think that they have up to a billion users. The number of users of each service is as follows:

Number of users of social networks

– Facebook: It had 2271 million users in September 2018.

– Watts Ab had 1500 million users: by December 2017.

– Facebook Messenger: there were 1300 million users in September 2017.

– Ingestram: 1 billion users at June 2018.

– Twitter: It had 326 million users during the third quarter of 2018.

– Binterest: September 2018 holds 250 million.

There are 186 million Snape Chat users in the third quarter of 2018

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