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A group of researchers found that they are hardworking with a more permanent and unhealthy impact of the shingle, according to an article in the American Society for Science Publishing published in the Science Progress magazine.

These nanoanalgesic were proved by creatures by experts, who saw how there were problems of natural nanoparticles that affect pain when they were given to rats with legs.

This trace may move the path for intensive pain that does not carry the adverse effects associated with morphine or opiates associated synthesis, which, among other things, they can cause.

And in the United States More than 115 people die from a bad opiate day, where the reason why it is so interesting is so interesting, both for the breadth of the North American country and for the whole world.

The small, natural bodybits of their body, such as the enkephalins, may be brought to the end. connect opioid receivers, a choice for pain handling as they are & # 39; The operation of the ligands of opioid receptors, which is believed to tend to be & # 39; reducing the format of acting

In trying to better solve morphine and opiates, scientists Jiao Feng and Patrick Couvreur created their team to nanomedicine using the neuropeptide Leu-enkephalin (LENK), who is involved in the management of pain in the & # 39; body.

So far, the method of employing pensions to handle pain is not used as a result of medical problems, such as the problems that these bones have in the face of doing so; crossing the stomach between the blood and circulated through essential organs such as the brain.

Four hours after the nanoparticles were inserted into the rats, (…) they were See lower temperature symptoms to pain and have seen that the magnificent effects are more permanent

Connect LENK with squalene, a natural shape that may have a & # 39; plant or animal, created the nanoparticles sciences that could be applied in an area of ​​pain through an unusual, very complex.

Four hours after the breakdown of nanoparticles to the rats, researchers considered signs of lower thermal disorders with pain and They saw that the magnificent effects were more permanent.


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