Find out the first love Zhao Wei caused to reject Huang Xiaoming


In 1995, after completing his teaching experience in his home, Zhao Wei Go to Shanghai working under family and friends advice. After half a year of learning, she became a special student at Shanghai General University. At that time, every time she came to her jetty, she looked at the eyes of each behaviors from a man. Although he does not know each other, but Zhao Vy always remembers those eyes that are in his mind; look good for her. She just waited for her & # 39; break to come to meet her café with the eyes of the man.

At noon, Zhao Wei saw the boy walking into the café, she did not want to lift her head to look at her face, trying to raise his head when people see mental. She stood at a & # 39; look like she was about buying food. The seller asked her what she wanted to eat, Zhao Wei asked, "Do you know what his name is?", A & # 39; Bringing the soup to the seller. There was a shopkeeper next to the look after Zhao Wei's uncertain eyes, laughing and laughing. making her astonished. At that time, the man came in, dragging Zhao Vy out. She continues to refuse her. Zhao Vy felt a tough face, then in front of how many classes, she put away the man, more than going to her; Holding hands tight, it was not easy to come out. He brought Trieu Vy into a quiet place, looking at her, suddenly saying, "My sister has big eyes that look just like you, long eyes, a "bruised" press as a hero. " Zhao Wei first closes someone to compare the sky with the fan he has seen or well, suddenly his & her; cleansed as if it were cooling the eyes. But immediately she was surprised, jumping up "My sister is a warrior? The boy was laughing. Two have long been acquainted with each other, and talk to happy. Tell the boy to Zhao that he was Pham Triet, he learned a class more than her.

Since that day, the two come closer, Pham Triet every day to bring Trieu Vy to school, to go out to attractive places; town. Zhao Wei thinks the world is full of sail, and she also likes to go out with him.

He worries about the quality of Trieu Vy Huynh Hieu Minh

In the evening, as long as they are & # 39; walk on the street, look together with pairs; playing on the street, Zhao Wei felt that there were two lovers. But he did not get his hand, walked it by side, and # 39; talk happily. That night, returning to the class, wrote: "No meetings have been made, we have met each other, God is good, he gave me his first lovely love. I never thought I had love, even a little bit of love, but when I met him, I did not think anything, just think of it! How big is the love of her; grow, but when it comes, one can see it. "

Another evening, Trieu Vy and Pham Triet have a drink of wine at their store called "City of Memory". She never had a drink, but she drank from one cup to the next one. Pham Triet found herself happy that he did not stop him. In a wonderful music, Trieu Vy is a pull her hand up: "Pham Triet, a friend tells me, when you love someone, when you are, the happiest time, you'll be happy The tears are blessed . When the light was pressing, Pham Triet saw her tears falling down on the beautiful face of Zhao Wei, he was a panran feeling. Indeed, she does not love her. He has an older, five-year-old sister, 8 years ago, apart from his family. His family has suffered many years, but there is no news. Pham Triet to play his sister, suddenly he never saw it. From his place he came to think of his sister. When he first met Zhao Wei, he felt Zhao Wei's big eyes and eyes were like his sister. So he often joined Zhao Wei to his cafeteria. Later on, Pham Triet or He is very sad to find out that Zhao Wei is just like his sister. But slowly, he realized that Zhao Wei was in love with him, in the heart of rivalry and Pham Triet's crime.

After that night, Pham Triet realized that the girl was so beautiful, like the others, but she loved her as a sister, not male or female. Pham Triet did not expect that Zhao Wei was deemed so deep. He wanted to explain the opportunity but not as he opened the words.

Then in spring, Trieu Vy spoke several times with Pham Triet to his home for Tet. At that time, Pham Triet was very worried, he thought back, he can not be like this forever. At that time, a school in America was a student recruitment. He is a good person in Pham Triet, so the teacher encouraged him to take the test. So, Pham Triet was nominated for the test. He wants the speed to decline Zhao Wei's feelings.

Huang Xiaoming, Zhao Wei, his first friend; at Zhao Wei

It disturbs her & # 39; first Trieu Vy Huynh Hieu Minh-Hinh-2

Pham Triet went to American schools. Trieu Vy says the news is tough and happy. In March 1996, she exhausted Pham Triet and promised to wait for him. Before leaving, he sent a letter from her at home. Returning to school, Zhao Yy went on to send Pham Triet's letter. The letter is 16 pages long. In the letter, Pham Triet describes everything. He wrote: "Zhao Wei, you are very handsome, try to learn as a good actress, and I like to protect yourself as a sister for his life. I will slowly forget you, and Then there will be a boy who loves me and I will have a happy life. "Reading the words of Pham Triet, Zhao Wei was very sad, cried loudly. It was very difficult to open this letter, because when it opened it was also the same as leaving it; first love.

Zhao Wei never forgot the Pham Triet advice. At every step, every success she says to herself: "The person across her ocean, try that you know?"

After that, Zhao Wei was moved to the Act Academy, Beijing Film Academy with a good score of 80/100. Achievement at the "Little Mig" Beijing Film Academy was excellent, in 12 subjects of the semester, she achieved excellent levels in two subjects and nine subjects were well-written.

Also here, when Zhao Wei first met, Huang Xiaoming was the little girl with great eyes and prestigious ignorance. About this, Huynh Xiaoming once said: "The first day I went to the Academy, Zhao Wei's first daughter, who saw me, had a black suit Simple, with her long hair down to her lap. I saw her face already, and at that time, I had only one idea: the fairies are just beautiful. "

During that year, Zhao Wei played by Huang Xiaoming and Chen Kun, but it seemed that he was so close to the actress Chen, because of how calm and solid. he took it. Huang Xiao Ming is a little bit in his heart but he will not be out of fear of losing student relationships. At the lecture hall, Huynh Xiaoming or borrowed poetry says his heart but Zhao Vy recognizes. She just thought it was very close friends.

After two years of unlimited love, Huynh Xiao Ming decided to admit Trieu Vy's correct birthday. Really Huang Xiaoming is late, Zhao Vy said that this was just his surprise and he did not forget to bring the lightning into: "My sweetheart". Perhaps this time, in the heart of Zhao Wei is still the Pham Triet shape, no confidence is cooling so that Huynh Xiaoming can not.

Friends have told him that Zhao Wei has a lover, Huynh Xiao Ming has been inviting you to drink a wine, an entire night without being run all over the hostel at the Beijing Film Academy.

All these words of Huynh Xiaoming's sentence allow the only thing but the actor still pays quietly beside Zhao Wei's life. After many times he failed, Huang Xiaoming drew: "I realized slowly that, as a person, he does not need his sweetheart to be his lover. Protect her, her life and happiness to her life; neutralizing the small problems she met, but then he is happy.

Since then, Huang Xiaoming returned to a very close couple of meaning, quietly walking next to Zhao Wei's life: "There is a time, I kept watching her eyes, and then look back, he fell in love, then split up. It is the kind of usual "stone-like" when someone left it will not see the story Her sister, but only, will remember her again. This friend is still … ".

Years later, both of them will run their own jobs, every meeting, without being able to; forget that they were waiting to be 30 years of age still married to one marriage. Zhao Wei did not know that because of the crisis that Huynh Xiao Ming was never a revealing love. After that Zhao Wei should have been with Huynh Huu Long, Huynh Xiaoming sent out the case with Angelababy.

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