Find out the new Mai Mai menu


The most important thing of the new restaurant is the change when a traditional cooking style is linked together from the sections, which are processed and presented according to modern cooking methods. The trip began to find out about the rich foods with the vessels such as dredgehogs, salt-baked carcasses, mixed vegetables, cooked bacon with fried, tamarind fried bed … provided in & # 39 ; lock Every child is like a mother, father … but it is created in a completely new way,

For those who are far from the country looking for some taste of the country for longing of nostalgia, ordinary guests from across the country will be like a synthetic wheel, bamboo grill … the A great choice for a fun event.

This new piece of news promises to bring a memorable journey into the heart of each guest. Despite enjoying breakfast, lunchtime or dinner, we can do it, A warm feeling and a really beautiful food in the place where the old Pearl of the East Desert is, and # 39; bringing the nobles forever. Vietnamese cuisine and food only with the beloved people.

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