Find out what thieves do & do; iPhone & iPhone


Did you think that security is iPhone Is it the best thing? Well, there are ways devastating it and made it as property & # 39; for thieves.

Apple has made their equipment as safe as possible. However, creativity and sustainability is the good virtues that robbers can use to restore a high-speed phone.

IPhone users know that iCloud can only connect the account. In other words, to sell the device, the account must be removed from the device.

In specialized installments, we will explain that the phones stolen from their owners are still tied to accounts iCloud, what is the amount of it? protection. As you can clear the phone to the distance. In addition, you can easily find it Find my iPhone.

But indeed … they know everything. The offender is usually want the victim that the person will eliminate catching lock and phone screens.

They use email to create a port similar to Apple, want to log in with a & # 39; census. When users do this, they will be allowed to log in with the username and password that allows them to & # 39; do and agree with the phone.

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If he does not work for them & # 39; Pishing & # 39; by email. They want to welcome receipts and go to Apple stores. With the information they receive from the same device, they are seeking help from experts to "open up" the team.

Because they manage & # 39; disinfection & password is & # 39; iCloud account that allows them to abolish actions Find my iPhone, and hereby you can connect to the device with another account. And voila & # 39; repository phone is hard.

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