Find the obvious thing in the Earth-Black


Обнаружен самый яркий объект во Вселенной The reasons for this non-compliance are still unidentified.

Scientists at the Laboratory Jet propulsion in Pasadena (SA) have discovered the clearest galaxy that is known at this time. W2246-0526 gets energy due to & # 39; putting stuff into three of the dwarf satellite galaxies.

It is estimated that there is a black hole with the middle of four sunbeds in the center, but a great deal of eyes show that this need to be much larger.

W2246-0526 was removed from Earth at 12.4 billion light years, and has a 350-billion diversity due to sunflower. The search results use a set of ALMA (Atacama Large Millimeter Array) teles, located in the wild at Atacama (The Chile), and & # 39; show that a cloud of heat and dust is a scam of a clear light, located near a big black hole in the West. falling into the black hole to spend millions of steps and its; giving light.

It is shown that W2246-0526 "feed" content from the three galaxies, and this process can be viewed several hundred million years. This galaxy falls into a specific section of cosmetic things called "hot, dusty" galaxies (eng. DOG Teth), but it differs from other bright and distinctive agents. they are. According to scientists, it represents a key stage in the revival of very successful galaxies called season.

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