Find the team to block the crossroads to win the road as … a priority vehicle


The road to block the crossroads as a main carriage

In particular, as shown in the video above, some young people have stopped their cars, and sign people to wait at & # 39; a tour between Le Hong Phong – Hung Vuong (which belongs to Vi Hoang ward, Nam Dinh town). group to go through dozens of people.

Even when you are & # 39; crossing the visit, the horn pilots will not forget, get fast, scratching his gas and his / her; passing the red light, despite the disruption and road user complaints on the way.

Some members of the group were down to the car that was in a position; going as a barrier to close its priority, over the red light (photo cut off)

Some members of the "phượt" group will close the road to & # 39; passing the car as a & # 39; main carriage, over the red light (photo cut off the video)

Shortly after the video was posted on social networks, many emergency and angry things aimed at a delegation group on their phone.

According to Ngo Duc Thanh, Chairman Vi Dinh Ward, Nam Dinh City, ward leaders got video information. The ward of police also investigates the event and will report to the Nam Dinh City Police to clarify the subject, find player players and their taking the course by law.


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