Find uncertain bids in Google Store Store Connected User Data


ESET Security has been seeking an application to steal data from crioptte users in Bitcoin ports and installed it with mobile data that was infected; store data in another person's anonymous account of anonymous person, and many sales requests were found at his shop.

According to India's mobile phone, the Google Store application, with which it is obvious to include user data through long-term characters, clipper application, type of malware to & # 39; Authentication encryption steaming could be found in the online user portfolios Post-

The MetaMask application as an application was to find a very complicated clipper software. It uses its & # 39; The idea to be & # 39; Submit the user's data, as long as this data is a & # 39; Complete with other proxy addresses for user account. This process will happen when the user has a & # 39; Although ESET said that these applications were first started on Windows platform in 2017, and then they discovered this section of malware applications in Google Play over the next month.

ESET also stated that these bids were in the Google Play shop, which aims to preserve users and fraud by using consumer data robbery, and they have identified the ability to & # 39; Protecting users with the following steps:

– Update the most appropriate Android software, with the application of a reliable protection application.

– The user should select applications that are installed in Google Play, and do not place a database on another source.

– Select the Play Google programs that are already the developer's website.

– Confirmation of all the issues made in the electronic email on the internet to ensure that the best items are completed.


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