"Find" VND 4,975 billion bank left


On the afternoon of November 20, the People's Court in Ho Chi Minh City held its first lawsuit against 16 defendants formerly appointed by the MHB Bank and MHBS Securities. After questioning the assessors, inspectors of the United States Commission and the Vietnam State Bank, lawyers will challenge the people.

Lawyer Vu Xuan Nam was the procurator Lu Thi Thanh Binh, who was a leading director of MHBS. The lawyer asked the defendant, "MHBS's security bravery action," answered Binh, "yes," that is a legal MHBS business.

"Cooperation contracts are invested at both sides, so the MHB money was transferred to its company. The MHBS account of MHBS is a MHBS account or a MHB account. 39; MHBS company? ", D & # 39; ask the lawyer, defend the person, Binh replied the money moved Go to MHB's MHB account.

The lawyer asked that MHBS should hold the MHB money to her; Waiting to buy links instead of moving money to MHBS right and the Binh legacy is correct.

The Defender's Solicitor's Solicitor's Solicitors' Advocate claimed the 2010 MHBS debt end payable by MHB. Is the incredible balance at the end of 2010 more than the balance at the end of 2014 272 billion as stated? The driver did not answer Binh correctly, do not give up the following information.

At the same question, the lawyer asked the defendant Huynh Nam Dung, who chaired MHB, MHBS. Defendant Dung said at the end of 2010 when the MHB director confirmed that MHBS did not comply with the marginal requirement. The bank believes that its company is unlikely to have a & # 39; Research yourself alone and so MHB decides that MHBS will be able to; Distribute 200 billion tonnes of security deposit to MHB for revision. MHB then moved to 200 billion MHBS. There is also a debt of around 400 billion.

So, at the end of 2010, MHBS's special debt was about 600 billion dollars. That's much more than the amazing MHBS debt for MHB at the end of 2014 of 272 billion dong, "said former MHB and MHBS chairman.

Dung lawyer asked if MHBS had the MHB loss / interest, the respondent responded that MHBS's security / security interest would affect MHB's parent bank when he asked if he had anything to do with MHB; make the consolidated financial statements.

The lawyer asked the person to defend the amount paid by MHBS MHB for his or her project in 2011-2014 or before, Dung said that the inspection was clearly indicated that the person – more than 200 previous clients. VND billion for MHBS for security lenders. Contracts scheduled by 2010 rather than in 2011-2014.

Nguyen Attorney Phuoc Hoa, who was General Director of MHB. The lawyer asked the defendant to prove that the MHB money introduced for MHBS was not created before 2011? The General Director General of MHB said that an individual's awareness is protected, and his main reason is; giving MHBS that the reason for capital is suited to users. Inventories in the MHBS were held between 2008 and 2010, capital purchasers will not be issued, not transferring MHB money to MHBS, then the MHBS or band business investment, can not afford money; reimbursement party.

"I spoke to Mr Dung legally to lawsuit some of the legal practitioners who were not arrested at present, almost stopped 3 years of MHBS's activities. Seeing the problem that the user is the capital, "said Nguyen defender Phuoc Hoa in court.

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