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When I use the Tax App to tell me my personal information, I find an uncomfortable company that I have never seen before. What should I do? The Shanghai taxation department clarifies that citizens can start online appeals on the App. A special specialization policy was officially produced on 1 January 2019. Personal mobile App software developed by the State Tax Administration was launched to officially from 31 December 2018.

In the tax app, I found a "work-in" company weird? Taxation section: online application

Report Han Shengjiang journalist

Due to the important information about the taxpayer's fee, the App has attracted a lot of attention once it has been online. Found News received from the first day of the box, the app was first ranked in the free app rates in the Apple App Market.

APP personal income tax is first run in the Apple app market

However, some websites detected difficulties when using the app to complete the specific tariff information. A named webperson "Asaikana" said on his personal Weibo: "The personal income tax application on the Tax State Administration has been submitted. After completing the results, The only job in my job is just my job. There is also a Shanghai food company that I do not know. I have nothing to do with me. "

Relevant experts said that the web-site 100% can prove that its company has never had an economic relationship, and then it is likely that personal identity information is stolen.

The netizens also wrote above, "I found that I was hanged in other units from 2015. In 2017, this food company has a monthly rate of rate of 0."

Relevant experts said that this is the first thing you can do out of their & # 39; It is possible that the web has made economic links with its; company, which includes personal information with friends. If the above options can be ruled out, individual companies appear to display personalized information that is personally identifiable for a & # 39; corporate taxation fee. For example, if a campaign breaches an "independent" salary for such a "shadow worker", it can remove a portion of the corporate income tax.

This issue of personally-known information is used by companies to attend individual fees has also previously shown, usually in college students. For example, in 2018, a Huailean College student student information presentation at Changzhou University, Jiangsu Department. Thousands of student information were stolen by illegal campaigns. According to the survey, the number of students leaving information exceeded 2,600. There was a The company was involved in many departments and there was suspicion that companies were using the information to protect taxes.

The 2018 graduate from Hua College was found in the Jiangsu Internet Tax Bureau. He found that he had not worked and had already "moved to work" in a company called "Jiangsu Hongxin Insurance Agency Co., Ltd.". Personal income of 3,500 yuan confirmed monthly. Many of his fellow students got "into work", "Dinghong Auto Insurance Sales Co., Ltd.", "Xuzhou Aolu Auto Service Co., Ltd.", "Changzhou Ketai Environment Technology Co., Ltd." And other companies, reporting people The monthly income is around 3,500 yuan.

What is the damages of the personal identity information stolen by the company for a personal tax liability fraud confirmation? Relevant experts said that the new tax law clearly clarifies that individual residents salary, salary income, salary salary income, salary income and private income as a comprehensive income, the individual income tax will be adjusted according to the tax year. If the information is stolen, there may be an increase in the annual total income of its taxpayer, affecting tax deduction.

The Shanghai taxation department clearly sets out citizens who need additional enjoyment. If an individual taxpayer agrees with the employment information when he / she is; registering a personal income tax APP, it can arrange an online application on the APP to protect its rights or rights.

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