Finding drugs affects a common disease that is not cured



Finding drugs affects a common disease that is not cured


Alessia Pierdomenico

Find out about a way to cure a general disease that cannot be cured

Scientists at the University of Utah have found a way to manage Web infections, including multivarmic sciarosis and type 1 diabetes.

In the article, published in Nature Biomedical ngineering, the researchers state that they have a vaccine-destructive vaccine that removes cells in which the bad PD-1 strain is produced. trust;

Transformation of the gene "PD-1" helps to improve the response of the tissues and body members, causing a variety of diseases. At the same time, the imposition of "PD-1" with the help of blocked barriers is an effective way of encouraging protection against cancer shops.

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The researchers have carried out an investigation into the protective nature of the researcher's development of mice researchers in type 1 diabetes. In the autoimmune disease (MS) mice, the symptoms of a disease, including paralysis, have fallen. The use of this protective toxin reduces the number of cells in which PD-1 is active, as well as the number of l-lymphocytes T in members.

If this way is also effective in healing people, doctors will first have treatment for multiple people, as the methods currently available for treating it are not improving. This protective toxin, along with other treatments, can prevent type 1 diabetes.

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