Finding her husband who was a bit like it, she's now talking!


The well-known singer did not succeed, and finally sent out what she did compared to her companion. She had a wife today. Interestingly, they talked to each other, describing women …

Ever since, the American actress and the genre model Channing Tatum after a divorced marriage with her old lady – Jenna Dewan joined a British singer Jessie J, the internet has been saying that this beauty is very similar to the one who was, before.

Comparing Jessie J a Jenny Dewan in the provinces they just received for the day. The singer, however, said she had enough and decided to interfere with the most remarkable statements. Social networks are used to make it clear to their topic. As she writes herself, she has never read things that are in her. spread about them, because she does not know or indeed, otherwise.

"There is a story that was re-edited again and again over the last few weeks of how they often compare me and another beautiful woman as a result of our vision, and people choose who we are richer. How good are this? For me nothing. "

So Jessie recognizes that these negative contributions are, in addition to the comments they have; They learn, trying to try to just strike two women against each other. She has been unhappy with her company, because she says she's been in a position; trying to be comfortable with what she had been through her childhood, and through her music and career, she also attempts to do her, Encourage other women to see they are handsome and especially good to move longer.

"I am the women who support all the women. It is a woman that loves every woman and I do not stay as the media trying to compare women together. Not even give birth to what is the best one. Be careful with the words. You do not even know how to hurt you anyway. Like women, we are strong. But together? So we can change women in the world. "

After these honesty, which was expected as long as he was particularly emotional, Canning's old wife, Jenna Dewan. He sent out to the singer's address A full idea of ​​words of worship, admiration, and support. She agrees with her that women must stand alone and not be separated from the negative effects of some of the media and without drama. Seo Channing by Jessie J:

And Channing is here with Jenna's old lady, with whom they got together when they were; Hunting the romantic dance movie Step up and now there is a beautiful girl together. While they were & # 39; away, they were friends, see:

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