Finding more like sites on the Incognito Chrome mode sites


One of the main reasons for the Incognito Chrome procedures is to allow Internet users to search for privacy, where the browser does not have their protection, and that specific sites will not be identified by sites.

However, sites can find if a user is a & # 39; Using an incognito or not, which impedes users from sites in some cases.

This is definitely not what Google intends to do with the work that has been announced, that is why the company now has a & # 39; take steps to make it difficult for search sites to be found in the Incognito method.

What Google is doing is to create a file system with the help of RAM to a computer, for the purpose when a site on its frenzy is & # 39; looking for a file system when he visited the Incognito method. This means that, when the Incognito method is abandoned, it will be deleted, which will ensure that it is infected. Use a method to make the session completely new.

It is anticipated that the feature will be available from Chrome 74, but it will not be returned automatically, but users need to be activated on a daily basis.

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