Finding the body of a person's motive rider


According to the first information, about 6m in the morning, 21.11, many people going to work on the field to find human body Khe Ria (Cat Thinh commune, Van Chan area, Yen Bai), next to side A motorcycle should be, affecting the work.

Find information, there were active forces, stop the scene, autopsy, reasons why clarify the purpose of the purpose.

Pham Van Tien, Chairman of the Cat Thinh Commune People (Van Chan District) Committee Chairman said the victim suffered a Honda Wave RS side; Plot number 21L1 – 000.46, designated as Mr Dao Dinh Khang (aged 48, from the Vinh Chan Society, Ha Hoa District, Phu Tho Province).

"The original reason is to identify the victim's own down the road, and to die. After completing the self-purification methods, the corpse of the person- suffering the family after midnight on November 21, "said Tien.

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