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"We need to re-write history books, and restore the herbicidal rehabilitation time further back," said Spencer Lucas, paleontology guardian at the Natural History Museum and New Mexico Science, to Efe, who outlined the discovery of Gordodon. , a name given to reptiles, as "one of the most important traces".

Gordodon, which is a long distance of 1.5 meters (5 feet) and a weight of about 34 kilograms (75 not), was discovered in 2013 near the town of Alamogordo, New Mexico, by Ethan Schuth when he visited Geology class from Oklahoma University.

His team, with the head of Professor Lynn Soreghan, informed Lucas and the museum located in Albuquerque, an entity that was responsible for the following years for the source, handling and investigation to be produced, according to the Natural History and Science Museum this week. New Zealand (NMMNHS, for measuring in English).

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Photograph by Matt Celeskey of the Gordodon kraineri.

Photograph by Matt Celeskey of the Gordodon kraineri.


The distinctive structure of the skull, the jaws and the type of teeth are; The reptiles show that it was a bottle; , features that did not know these types of animals over 200 million years old.

According to Lucas, Gordodon lived in the Permian Age, about 50 million years before they praised dinosaurs.

"It's more like us, mammals, dinosaurs," he explained the researcher, who says that the name Gordodon comes from the combination of the word in Spanish "fat" and the word Greek "odon" or teeth, due to the long, sharp teeth at the top of his sticky.

Lucas, along with the researcher, Matt Celeskey, identified the fossils as a new species of herbal herb and, in terms of size and weight, this would be the same as what is now a labrador dog.

Another important aspect of the search is that it is considered that all types of plants will be considered; first insects, but the reptiles found in New Mexico also "brought seeds and fruit," as the researcher says, as sheep, deer and rabbits are doing at the moment. .

"We have shown Gordodon more selective than it was eating," said Lucas.

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