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Norberg was badly injured twice last year. In March, he dropped out of the shell at home court with a break in his hand and the pelvis as a result. In November, the disaster took place again in training work.

That time broke Bitter Norberg Norberg and now he is choosing to complete his driving role. For the Umåker website, it tells us that the injuries are being sustained. going in and does not want to "be someone in the race". In the article, Mioskes says Norberg would be grateful to the race of the race on 16 February.

2,395 impacts and 41 coach competitions

Jan Norberg has According to Svensk Travsport, 20,883 races have run and brought 2,395 of benefits to them. On the course there are 41 team competitions: twelve dozens on the way, eight on the Solänget, each on Umåker and in Hoting, five on Dannero and four in Skelleftea.

Travronden looks Jan Norberg.

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