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Original title: Final Finishing Fuzhou Airport Finish Increase through annual passenger passport to 25 million passengers

A general view of the Fuzhou Airport expansion. Reporter Wang Dongming

Fuxin, Fuzhou, November 26 (Wang Dongming Narrator) On the 26th, ending four new expansion areas in South Slanting Gallery, South Connections, Main Building of North Buildings and North Slanting Gallery, the second round of Fuzhou Changle International Airport The extension of the entire building was extended, with an overall area of ​​79,548 square meters. After expansion, the building builds up from the first 137,000 square meters to 216,000 square meters.

Extend the login index. Reporter Wang Dongming

The second round of a potential expansion process of the Fuzhou Changle International Airport is divided into a flight and engineering construction project, with a total investment of 1.95 billion yuan. The building extension project was completed by Third Construction Group Group, Ltd. The project started in March 2016, and its main structure was successfully organized in the & # 39; May 2017. In November the same year, the spacious rural square hall was restored and used. This year, the four main areas of the building's main building buildings, the eastern expansion, the international study department and the home leaving room were the four main areas.

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Liu Li, executive manager of the Fuzhou Air Force Project Division in China, the third bureau, said the most international international airport in China's south east and the main projects in Fujian, to make Ensure that the usual airport is going on, and the project will be activated without going to # 39; stopping up, the first one in the field of reconstruction and national airport expansion. Include 6S safety cleaning and day-to-day site construction projects, and use BIM technology to innovate to connect old old lines and old pipes. After the expansion, enlarge the space of its international park from 8,844 square meters to 15,940 square meters.

The whole roof includes free free surface with a large mesh structure. Reporter Wang Dongming

Fuzhou Changle International Airport is the center of the 21st Century Marine Fairway gateway set up by the Civil Air State Administration. After completing the second expansion round, by 2020, the increase of airport passengers will be expanded. up to 25 million. (End)

The ability has a big and clear capacity. Reporter Wang Dongming

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