Finishing its & # 39; Controversial Quùnh doll, the castle spoke up


Many ideas say dThere seems to be a hurry and a shield, even superficial.

At the end, the social film is very healthy. Cuilean Quynh finished complete, according to the type of television movie: the wrong man has been punished, people are very happy.

Quynh and her children are happy to stay in a small house in the village; sea.

In the last program, his & # 39; The first half is just a focus on Quynh's acquisition of how to kill his person who changed after he died; delete and crash. The plan did not survive her success, but then the ill illness was still paying a price to her; death at the gods' hands.

After her first drama and only, the final Quynh program was moved to a close end.

Just after Quynh's case in hospital treatment, her son found her son's listeners. live together safely in a simple house.

The cave was also out of the "distrust" illness and returned home for forgiveness. The remaining people are a wolf, and they are the legal net for the possession of drugs.

There are not many arguments that the way on films such as this fairy is a "live" feeling. Not only that, the film is a very fast process in the & # 39; Last program, many programs are not correctly defined.

The audience is still searching for a lot of questions, why Canh still live? The cave grew rapidly then, why is it easy to return the child to Quynh … Anyone can be physically Explain those questions.

As a result, there were some doubts about the change to change the audience, even saying that it was the film team team.

Due to a long time ago, scripts of script have strongly stated that the film is difficult to end.

This statement has raised many people sitting on the front of the small screen so that it can be done. first friend of mercy. But at the end the film is simple and easy to prove unexpectedly.

However, from the appearance of actor Minh Tiep, who played the role of Iron Face, this decision is not good, reasonable and unacceptable.

Explain why it's so easy to return to Quynh, the iron dance said: "It's not natural. Quynh stabbed, hurt Vu so I should return it. Vu may have arranged for Quynh's mother to & Stay in that peaceful sea.

Before that, Vu was always constantly keeping Quyn children, except just outside. He likes the child, he loves as a child and there is a worry that his daughter can not take good care.

So, when he stopped him and pushed Quynh out the door, Vu took hold of the child to go to her. crying. Wo is not only hard outside, but inside it is very emotional. "

Quűnh and Vũ talk about the child.

In addition, actress Minh Tiep said his character's mercy. That is also his pleasure after watching the final program of the film.

"I do not feel sorry but what happened to Vu, for myself. In the movie, Vu's power is like that, but indeed the character is very bold and angry.

First of all, the most affluent wife in the world is a A woman who dies with her baby inside. When Vu finds out that it is the new love of Quynh's son. How lovely he wants to build, to keep his side off.

However, after that, he was the one who took the most important knots in the life of Quynh. At the most difficult times, Vu is always a silent helper.

How the solution helps to clip Quynh, but she did not know her but thought about Thinh. If there is part 2, people understand that Vu himself is the one who said that the police took hold of my wolf.

In the film, Vu was built as a designated socialist black business but it is deep that Vu people are a good person, not a bad person.

That's why the characters get the value for me, I still see that Vu is miserable and unhappy, "said Minh.

The scene appeared at the end of the film, which allowed listeners to think about part 2.

Whether or not part 2, Minh Tiep stated that the manufacturer's calculations and ambitions that should not be able to give the correct answer.

"I still do not know if part 2 is here, since this is the secret and the director's secret.

My work is very busy, so if I do the second part, I'm not sure I can arrange the time to take part or not, "said Minh.

As one of the most affluent actors in the film, Thanh Huong Lan Cave said, "I did not watch the last Quynh program last night because I had to go to film up to 2m. I have only heard from people. As regards the character of the Cave of Lan, she has received a sense of recovery and has received family support. I personally feel that it is a happy ending for my character. In terms of the movie, all actors do not know how the film ends, but what has happened to its character is unknown. Harmony is the end of the film. Quynh's finishing end is also, Lann also, a vision will be repeated and my wolf will go to jail, so happy, and no longer expected.

In terms of the final guides of Quynh's illegitimate pamphlets, I am going to; think it's a movie and everyone will feel they are. Some people agree that some people feel that something is missing or regrettable, it is not satisfactory. That's normal. Like the judge; Previously, everyone was waiting to finish something, but then the film was on the road that many people did not; expectations. It's impossible to make everyone happy. "

Quynh and his children published pizzas on the beach.

"Every listener has the right to think about the story as they want, and the film makers we want to make a movie, so that they get full – an allegation, a compensation for the difficulties and losses experienced by the characters. There are many choices on the offer, this is a chosen option to hope for a sequence. We can not conclude what I can expect the audience's expectations. My opinion is that Quűnh's quilts are so reasonable. "

Quynh is a film that is very popular for strong ideas and use. But, after the border, many uncomfortable ideas were given to people who agree and enjoy the happy end, the people are not satisfied that the head is too strong …

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