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AThe world is waiting for expectations for the eighth and final series of the real prize Game of Thrones to appear on TV in April, the creator George RR Martin has published a new book. Instead of the sixth delay Thrones novel, The Winds of Winter – who will have finished completing the show itself – it's the first one to do in a separate two-part saga. Fire and Blood addressing the increase of the Targaryen family throughout Westeros, beginning with Aegon an Conqueror and his / her; ending with his descendants Aegon III. In the world there are many other kings and queens, usually trying to do it; make sure they capture the ruthless throne, and almost unexpected breaks, wild deaths and rape (often attacked, with Targaryen for a brother to marry a "clean line" sister).

Martin described this book and how he was currently "GRRMarillion", who looked forward to JRR Tolkien The Silmarillion, and an attempt later published to complete the history of Middle Earth. To understand the disappointment that it has Fire and Blood Despite this, not everyone but Martin's supporters are enthusiastic, and think that Tolkien's choice is to follow The Twin Towers Waiting for a decade for sitting for a sequence, and a & # 39; release The Silmarillion different.

However, Fire and Blood to be considered worthy of self-worth – that is, how animatedly and completely (without giving out) explored an amazing historical world.

He said from the perspective of Archmaester Gyldayn's historical writer, which allows Martin to play with an unreliable reporter, the saga is a rich and dark measure, full of the elements that have been promised. It is largely inspired by Britain's medieval history; many of the main characters are the same as true kings, with Aegon the Conqueror, a million miles away from the names of William, and the Daenerys hero who is a great contributor to Henry II. The driver reports and describes the island Game of Thrones So books that make access to something more uncertain. At its worst, the book finally lists names for paragraphs. There is a fundamental group of Martin's readers whose measurement answers several questions and dimensions that do not; Many debate, but the average fan does not care after it. The second most expensive book that offers more of the same may be the same; worrying anxiety, into your older heart.

Despite this, there is much pleasure here. Martin's normal sense of humor is very funny that appears today, is Lord Orys Baratheon who says: "I should have the power to hand … I will not have a & # 39; talk about the King's Stump "or some of the death scenes in particular one of them including a woman who is pregnant; Try to cooperate with a horse, or the characters expressed by "gelding", plague no torture. If this book had been made worse, it would be a chore for plowing; as it is, it is clear that his author is on his journey when he is in a position; Writing the lines such as: "Lord Roger has his strongest remedies, inspired by the drunken brothers", or when it comes up with the names of a misleading character, such as a dragon called Sheepstealercorr or dwarf (and a rival) called Mushroom.

there were Fire and Blood has been half of length and full of Targaryen saga, it would be difficult to praise it as an essential and enjoyable recreation Game of Thrones world-wide. Instead, it sometimes reads that there is a test for a test in particular, and # 39; Preparing questions such as: "Who was Aegon II's little advice?" No: "Who's the first baby at Queen Rhaenyra?" And so on. Still, as Martin-Mar-Gyldayn says: "the game of the trophies is a great deal of shift". It's hard to not enjoy the descriptions of delays that are in the wrong place. get involved in air combat, or if rulers should have "knee loop", "arrest the black" and join with Watch Night, or just to Meet an interesting and awful end.

At least, Fire and Blood giving a faithful prize to & # 39; keep her breath An Winds of WinterSouth Westerly

Fire and Blood by George RR Martin, published by Harper Voyage (£ 25). To order a copy for £ 22 to go to or contact 0330 333 6846. Free UK p & p over £ 10, online orders only. P and p phone orders of £ 1.99

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