"Fire and Sword" is already about 20 years. How do the actors change? The most important is the metamorphosis of the movie movie Bohun!


Aleksandr Domogarov as Jurko Bohun

After its first appearance of "With Fire and Sword" in 1999, thousands of women came from her; Poland out to Bohun lively, played by Aleksander Domogarow. The Russian actor later appeared in the Magdalena film £ azarkiewicz "At the End of the World." And although they have achieved a star status in Poland, at this stage we finished the job in our country. The actor celebrates his 56th birthday this year.

Bogun seems to have a weakness in Poland. In one of the interviews he said:

I was lucky that I meet many amazing people in Poland. More – I have spent friends here. But – to expect your query – maybe it's not; I can live in & # 39; Poland permanently. I enjoy Moscow too much, the roots are too deep. I like to come, especially to Krakow and Wroclaw. These towns have their own unique atmosphere.

Interestingly, it was not planned from the beginning that the famous Bohun would be played by Aleksander Domogarow. Jerzy Hoffman wanted to take this post to Bogus³aw Linda. But, at the end, the actor refused from Poland.

I refused because it seemed to be a plastic and comic in the script – it was a & # 39; trembling.

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