Fire burned near My Thuan Bridge


At about 16 p.m. on the morning of November 21, a fire was set out in an associated storage center in Hoa Hung commune, the Chai Be area, the Tien Giang division continues to grow, fire up one hundred meters

Fire near Mo Thuan Bridge - Photograph 1.

Smok hundred meters high smoke (CTV drawing)

According to the locals, the fire was found at 15 o'clock on the same day. At least 30 minutes after the fire, there were four fire engines in the Vinh Long continent and then many fire appliances in the Tien Giang department also came to the fire.

According to the smoke smoker so loud, fear of fire is spread and so the people near the fire have referred to their removal, causing chaos.

Fire near My Thuan bridge - Photograph 2.

After about 30 minutes, Vinh Long's large area fire engine came to the place


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