Firefighters will see if there were correct plans at a karaoke center, after losing your 6 lives in splitting


IPOH: The Fire and Rescue Services Department inspects license agreements for a place of entertainment where they died six in a fire today.

Executive Director of Perak Fire Department, Sayani Saidon, said the eight-storey building that was going on to Jalan Raja, Dr Nazrin Shah, now used for offices and the officers a & # 39; confirm whether a plan has been approved for the entertaining center.

"The original plan (with the department) is for office buildings, full of smokers, but it has now changed to an entertaining venue.

"We decide if the owner has submitted a new plan for an enhanced use of the building," she said.

Ipoh's former administrative officer (administrative) Mohd Nordin Abdullah said the police would investigate whether the entertaining center has worked beyond the hours assigned up to 1m.

He said that the place was allowed by a venue.

He was a stranger; in three of the six dead while no other man was still celebrated.

Two of the dead were identified as Tai Chee Kin Malaysians, 37, and Lau Wai Hoong, 36. The third is a Bangladeshi and a fourth is still known.

Mrs. Women's daughters; in the other two dead, identified as Thi Trang Ngu Yen, 19, and Thi Thuy Dhong, Ngu Yen, 21.

One of the severely injured, a Malayis, named as K Kook Eng, 39, was introduced to Raja Permaisuri Bainun Hospital here.

Firefighters were informed about the fire at 5.49m. The bodies of Tai and Lau were found close to leaving the site at 6.09m.

"There were four groups in one of the karaoke rooms. Three of these groups, one of a woman, were found in the bathroom and the body of their other women was just outside the room- sit, "said Sayani.

Seven escaped from the vessel.

It is believed that the deceased people were destroyed when the building's thick smoke was filled.

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