Firefires in California: Why are so many people listed as needed?


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The number of people were missing from 110 to 220, to 631 on Thursday before they reached more than 1,000

Over the last few days, the number of people not seen in the # 39; Deadly camp in a fire in northern California has sunk to more than 1,200.

The sudden jump has led to some disbelief amongst local people and officers.

The 76 deadline is already essential as a state record, so the large number of people still need to be added there?

The answer is not as simple as the authorities in the most popular area, Butte County, have been openly included.

On Friday, when the list rises to more than 1,000, Sheriff Kory Honea explained the database as "lively".

"The information I am giving you is raw data and we see there are likely to be double names in the list," said the sheriff Friday.

Officials say that the big change is happening when inspectors are experiencing; Try to collect the personal reports from gathering, reports and e-mails since the start of the fire on November 8.

  • The day the Pararas was burned
  • Snapshots before and after

The fire is spread rapidly, and many are said to have only a few minutes to collect their friends to try to find out through the striking roads.

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Due to the intensity of the fire, officers have warned that the revitalization can take full weeks as hundreds of experts and sheep dogs use detection and search reports for evidence of human remains.

Some of the news sources featured silly doubles or riots in the county list, and # 39; including an earlier turnout that required five people to be recorded at the age of 119, according to New York Times.

The newspaper said they were able to find some people from the list on social media, which proved that they were, indeed, right.

The Associated Press (AP) raised the issue of one resident, Tamara Conry, who was emailed on Facebook to help people in terms of their safety.

"My friend and I do not want and I have never been!" wrote a Thursday night on one of the pages for missing people.

"We do not have a family to watch … call me and leave a message to bring out our names."

Sheriff Honea has decided to publish the list in his "raw" form.

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One camp for clearances in Chico nearby

"I can not allow perfection to get on to progress," said the sheriff to the media on Friday.

"It is important for us to find out the information so that we can begin to identify the unrecognized individuals."

With more than 12,000 buildings destroyed by Camp fire and still leaving orders across a number of California, thousands of residents have now been discharged into sheltered accommodation or shelter.

The difficulties in checking out what is currently missing is obvious – and communication difficulties are causing it to be longer.

How to burn the towers and power lines in the vessel, so a mobile phone service in places. In some areas, temporary roofing providers needed to be installed.

Remove from the official list of the county's website, missing posters are also being installed around local newspapers and camps at camps.

Larger organizations, relatives and friends depend on social media organizations to share images and information about people who did not contact us.

On the counties of the counties, many of the people listed are old people – showing the size of the area as a retirement.

The paradise, the town in Butte County that was destroyed by the wild desert, estimates that there are about 27,000.

According to the most recent census, around a quarter of people aged 65 or over.

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Eric Reinbold, the chief of the police in Paris, said that the population is in the list; show that there are problems in moving older people in rapid emergency situations.

"As any community, we were older people and some were driving up or unable to drive," said Reinbold CEO.

If they were out, older people may not be more likely to have access to the internet or other mobile communications to talk to people they know.

Sheriff Honea said many of the people on this list could be aware that people are seeing them because of the new places.

A spokesman for his appointment to AP said that the list was not "real-time" seduction on what is needed, but that he has been very impressed with the hope that he will visit people to say they are okay.

Authorities continue to & # 39; Encourages people to double the list as it is updated and told them, by phone and not; vote, about securely secured people, to help focus on the expanded resources.

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