Firefox 65 comes with an important legend in data protection


The favorite Mozilla Firefox browser is in a 65, which is officially accessible to today's users. And that's also an important news story to protect consumer data.

The basic settings are still the same as those offered in the oldest version. But most users still have a & # 39; choose what Firefox is now calling "normal" mode that will & # 39; blocking administrators in private windows (incognito). As a result, it is still possible to be in a "hard" mode where all the lines are stopped.

However, in Firefox 65, there are completely modern routines for control even more. In addition to clearer situations, Firefox makes it easy to find your new settings. You can now click on the "i" button on its & # 39; address bar and see exactly what options are currently blocking current content, which are the currently active detailers on the site, and get a direct link to change those settings.

For Windows users, video co-operation support in AV1 format and executive manager is also added.

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