Firefox 65 is available for download, what's new?


Mozilla has released a new version of your browser, Firefox 65. This is the latest development of the Quantum branch. Officials are expected to show during the day.

Firefox 65 is available to download from Mozilla guests. You can now install a number of environments, including Windows, MacOS or Linux. It will also be offered through a browser update module and directly from the website.

Mozilla Firefox 65.0, improvements and some of the features.

Browser Mozilla Firefox 65

For example, we support WebP image format, the ability to change the display language through the Options page, or support for MacOS shift. This advanced step will allow us to continue with a sailing session of the iOS device on Mac. On Linux, the browser offers tabs by changing the # 39; move the tab tab.

Firefox 65 and content blocked

On Windows, we have AV1 video codec support. Mozilla allows you to install your web browser via MSI installer. Added to this there are changes in simplifying the management of a variety of content restrictions. Selection between different levels of protection is possible.

Browser Mozilla Firefox 65

This situation is available either through the image with the three small flat bars and then content content or Options> Privacy and Security. .

In terms of Mozilla protection levels this is the definition

level For all those who want to "install it and do not worry" the basic configuration where Firefox detectors are blocked into private browsing windows. In the future, this situation also prevents the use of third party cookies for administration.

tight : For users who want a little more protection, this option will hinder the Firefox browsers found in each window. However, this may obstruct some sites.

custom : This option is made for those who want complete control of the choice of administrators and fragments they want to block.

On its part, the Management Performance page is updated. By writing about: performance in & # 39; sailing bar, it is possible to check memory usage for tabs and expand. Mozilla added to it

"Here, people can see (among tabs, tab ads, extensions, etc.) what is the reason to be in a long run down, and a solution by updating / closing a chart, by "" blocking the tab, or expanding the diskette. "

Ultimately, Firefox 65 "Quantum" offers security improvements for GNU / Linux, Android and MacOS operating systems. For example, a new machine called "Flexbox Inspector" is coming up. It is for developers.

Firefox 65 – Mozilla FTP

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