Fires affect three sections of the Tower of Bilbao in Las Condes


At 13:20 AM on Tuesday there was a fire in the Bilbao Tower. The loss had affected three divisions. The buildings are located in the Francisco Bilbao area and Duqueco streets near the Las Condes and La Reina areas.

Until the place reaches at least 9 companies of Fire Brigades, who work in control of the flames to avoid their propoagation. Smoking and burning were affecting several areas. The discharge of the majority of the building was made. This is the second type of fire in the Oriente department this month. According to information provided by the fire department, the fire would start on the eighth floor.

Share neighborhood neighbors by minute and videos of the event through social networks. The host Joaquín Lavín arrived, instead of providing support for the neighbors who were affected. According to information given by the sailor, on the 14th floor, a woman was anxious and an electrodependent daughter, who did not; can come from the place. "But they're fine. Diet to attend. And the 13-mare firefighters had a 9-room firefighter," said the Twitter account.

It is not known what the events the event started. No injuries were recorded.

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