Firicel From "Las Fierbinti", Business Event star in Ploiesti


Firicel was interested in the lectures of Ploiesti businessmen, but also in the exhibition afterwards. Toma Cuzin is less different from the world of the arts because his wife is a plastic artist, and he does not miss his vernissages, showing Ploieşti Hippodrome held "The Story" and organizers plan to repeat the monthly event.

However, it was difficult for Lasicel's Laselard to pass out of his skin. She asked for a coffee and told the servers "Put it on the notebook to the sheep". In addition to the fun, the actor believes that the event could be a success at a national level by simply linking art to a merger.

"The event was very successful! I personally support the business environment as the business environment is the economic tool. An economy that is not successful in its business environment can only be a dictatorship. What we are looking for. I have also taken part in 'business' events but are encouraged by the fact that the organizers have created a melange between art and industry and have realized that society without art and culture is less valuable. (…) I think it should be expanded throughout the country and I promise to take part as well as possible! ", Cuzin said Toma.

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