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Huge Riot in Hong Kong: Gene Generator Jiankui from Shenzhen today has noticed international organizers of genetic technology conference organizers. A Tuesday morning conference will be held.

"Laughing two beautiful Chinese girls Lulu and Nana were crying and so healthy with any other baby a few weeks ago," said He Jiankui in a YouTube video. Intervention of mental in Crispr / Casem is the aim of preventing children against HIV, and there are no scientific proofing papers available on these interventions.

Researcher Gene He Jiankui. Belief: Picturedesk

What's a child of a designer?

The child's genetic material is fully tested by researchers. For example, genetic diseases may be excluded. Specialists may also be able to face the face of HIV disease, researchers said.

But: In most Western countries, it is It is considered that technology is not informal and rigorous.

Scientist He has advocated the AFP that he explained the genetic material for children with seven pairs in total and voluntarily compiled.

In one case, according to the scientist, that was successful – a child couple with a designer gene!

There is no specific information about the children or their parents – they want to be anonymous.

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