First Geekbench score for a device that runs on Android Q


The first Android Q device called unknown AOSP on ARM64 & # 39; on Geekbench. The equipment's features and score indicate that the Pixel 2 tool.

It is expected that Google will let the developer out of Android Q soon. Although Google did not yet publish Android Q for Pixel smartphones, Pixel 2 which runs on Android Q is featured in Geekbench. The tool is obviously working with Android Q. In addition, the same basic level and basic numbers mean it will compare with the Android P.

Pixel 2 with Android Q, listed in Geekbench, achieves 1856 with its core performance and 6307 of its multi-functional performance. For Piliel Android Plili 2, these scores were at 1800+ and 3100+ levels. So, we can't say that Android Q will greatly improve the performance. The biggest benefit of Android Q is the new features that come with it.


Applications: A preview of the development of Android Android Q distributed today

Android Q takes a dark approach to the system. This means that much better performance will be achieved by OLED display's Android Q devices on a live stream. In addition, the recording feature built in is also allowing users to record, edit and share screens.

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